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Tsugaru to Shimokita

Aomori Prefecture is located in the most northern part of Honshu. There used to be two big powers in this area from the 15th century to the end of Edo period. The two, Nanbu clan and Tsugaru clan left various historic heritage to us. Going back to the further ancient times, we can see a large-scaled community in Jomon Period, when people made their living by hunting and produced Jomon-stile earthen vessels, at Sannai-Maruyama. Although this is peaceful area surrounded by rich nature now, it might have been the most advanced area in those days.

(L) "Shoin Room " in Itoh's House in Hirosaki City.
This is the room where Yoshida Shoin, one of the most famous revolutionary for Meiji Restoration, came to stay in 1852. He opened a small private school in Choshu (Yamaguchi Pref.) and lots of samurai warriors was influenced by his radical idea there.
(R) Pupils of Buddha at Chosho-ji Temple in Hirosaki city. A show-off is in the middle.

Lake Usori at Osorezan in Shimokita Peninsula. A big temple is by the lake (500 Yen to enter). The souls are said to gather to this place. You can see and talk to your dead relatives or friends here through Itakos. Itako is a kind of a spiritualistic medium. The soul possesses her body and tells what he couldn't tell in his life or what he is worried now through Itako's mouth. It costs 3,000 Yen for 1 soul.

(L) A hot spring bath inside Osorezan Temple. You can take all 3 baths as much as you like once you pay 500 Yen for entrance fee.
(R)At Shiragami Mountains

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