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The bus ran almost for a whole day, and I came to Darwin, the northest place in Australia at last. It's very hot, and what is more terrible, the humidity was too high. I like monsoon climate, but it was too much. Actually, laundries were not dry in a day although it was that hot. What is worse is there are full of mosquitoes in Darwin. "How many bite did you have last night" was the usual first talk for backpackers there.

ij see the Jumping Crocodile at Adelaide River Cruise

(L) Wangi Fall in Lichfield National Park. We couldn't swim on that day because of too much water. Sometimes Crocodiles come to this waterfall. There was a warning sign for crocodiles. You need some courage to swim here, don't you?

(R) Mamukala Bird Sanctuary in Kakadu National Park

Nourlanjie Rock in Kakadu National Park. Some rock paintings that were painted by Aborigines long time ago can be seen very clearly still now. The left one was painted to teach how to hunt kangaroos to their kids. In the right one a horrible spirit is painted. He has a good command of lightning and makes it strike persons he doesn't like.

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