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June 30, 1999

Today I went back to Marukibune in Kussharo Kotan again to check my motorbike. I have left it since the accident. I get there in the afternoon by hitchhiking two times. After the
check-in I cleaned and maintained the motorbike.
At any rate, riding motorbike is really exciting. Motorbike is a vehicle of sensibility. We have to accept every natural phenomenon appearing before us. We will feel glaring sunshine on a fine day, Bear the cold on a chilly morning, and get wet to the skin on a rainy day; besides, we would get hurt unless we ride keeping the law of physics, just like me. When we ride on the motorbike, we can get the primitive sense back, which is never gotten in the car. That's why l love motorbike.

July 1, 1999

Head for Kawayu Hot Spring again. I want to stay in Maruki-bune but can't afford the money for another staying. Hachi-no-Ie Rider's House is much cheaper. It is about 16km to the destination. I was going to walk there, but gave up just halfway because of the rain. I got on the bus for the rest and got there before noon.
After a short break I took a walk to Mt. Io-Yama for 2 hours and then went to Kawayu Eco Museum. When I headed back the rider's house, another man who has broken the ankle was there. This rider's house looks just like a field hospital. He said to me that he had fell down with his motorbike on a paved road with a mound on it. He didn't expect the mount on such a main road.

July 2, 1999

Go to the public bath near the rider's house. I had a conversation for some time with a middle aged man who is in charge of the bath. He told me many things. He told me his plan (dream) to the future. He wants to buy this bath and run it by himself. Anyone who has one's dream looks young. So does he. "Hey, it's boring for you to stay in the house, isn't it? Please take them." He lent me some detective novels. Very good man.
At night Mr. Tsuchiya, the owner of the rider's house and I talked together about his traffic accident. The owner told Tsuchiya to claim compensation to the management of the road. He said the management should take responsibility. He suggested to me that I would go to the police next morning instead of Tsuchiya and explain his situation. Why not?

July 3, 1999

Today I saw a crow attacking a small bird and he took the bird to the roof and started eating plucking the feather. The other one of the pair was twittering with seeking the partner. This is the food chain!
In the afternoon I headed for "Maruki-bune", where my motorbike was left, by hitchhiking again. I have to start for Otaru, the harbour my ferry sets out, the next day. I am so worried if I reach Otaru with my broken shoulder because it is only a week since I broke it.

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