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Tasmania is located southwest of the continent. It is the coldest place in Australia and has much precipitation. It's climate is rather close to New Zealand's one. I traveled in Tasmania with some tourists by a rental car for a week. But one week was too short to enjoy this beautiful island fully.

See the splendid view of Lake Pedder at the halfway up Mt.Eliza in Mt.Field National Park.
This walking was really hard. We had to head for the mountain top climbing the steep slope with handreds of rocks.Actually, we were almost dying.

Come across a warabee and a hedge-mole (Is that correct?)

Port Arthur historical site

This was used as a concentration camp prison from 1830 to 1877. Now we can see the buildings which used to be a prison, hospital, police office, houses of the staff. We visited there in the daytime, but if you visit there, you can join "Ghost tour".
And I have to say that a terrible event happened here. A mad guy fired at random suddenly, and more nearly 30 people were killed. A staff member said to me "It was really terrible....".

On the way from Hobart to Port Arthur, we took a rest at the beach of Tasmania Sea. We saw lots of dead possums that were run over. They regard this small pouched as vermin because they can cause damage to the crops and some people seem to run over them on purpose.

Some possums came close to us at the camping site. Their teeth are quite sharp and it is dangerous to feed them by hand directly. (And in the first place, we should not feed wild animals.)

At a bakery shop in a small town named Ross. This is the model for the bakery shop in a Japanese famous animated cartoon.

A post office (L) and Battery Point in Hobart(R)

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