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Biratori to Shikaribetsu

There is a large Ainu community in Biratori Town. I stayed overnight a riderhouse there and went to some Ainu musenms. Biratori is kind of sacred place for Ainu People. Several years ago some Ainu plaintiffs filed a suit against the government for the stop of building a new dam on the Saru River, where most important Ainu relegious ceremony is held every year.
Then I camped near Lake Shikaribetsu in Daisetsu National Park for 3 days.

At a mountain path near Shikaribetsu Campsite.

The Soshubetsu River.
I ran my motorbike along the river. Rivers in Hokkaido are really beautiful. Gently winding flows, shorlines without protection works.

A landscape in Tomamu. You can see Kita-kitsune (Japanese North Fox) everywhere in Hokkaido. Since some thoughtless tourists feed wildlife, they sometimes approaches us for food.

(L) At Shikaribetsu Campsite in Mt. Daisetsu Nat. Park
(R) Pankenikorobetsu Rough Road. About 40km-long flat dirt, easy to run.

Lake Shikaribetsu located in Mt. Daisetsu Nat. Park. Various trecking courses are around there.

(L) Look down at beautiful mountains from Mikuni Path
(R) A winding road around Naitai Stock Farm

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