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I like kebab. Although it is not Aussie native food, we can see a lot of kebab fast food shops. As long as I tried, most shops serve good kebab rolls with much sliced meet and fresh vegies. We can choose meet, vegies, sauce of the menu. If it comes to Japan, I am sure, it will be a popular fast food.

I saw a opening ceremony for a bronze statue of former Mayor by chance at St.Patric Cathedral. He seems to have been an Italian immigrant of effort and virtue.iL,M)
Carriage horses for Moonba Festival. (R)

Some occasions were going on at the same time in Melbourne and I had a good time. There was BACKPACKERS' EXPO on 13th and 14th of March, and backpackers who were there at that time got special services during the event, for example free beer in some pubs or parties in some backpackers hostel.

Frinder Street Station (L) and the mole of Melbourne (R)

Japanese people's traditional dance "Bon-odori" in the parade of Moonba Festival.
Brazilian samba and Thai traditional dance was also wonderful.

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