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Laos is a small country in the middle of Indochina. The population is 4 millions. It has no sea and most of the territory is mountains. The people are more modest and polite than any other southeast Asians. Although you can't expect enough entertainment in this country, you would be greatly satisfied to touch their warm-heart and feel like staying longer.

Anouwasari (Vientiane Monument)
As Laos was French territory before WWII with Vietnam and Cambodia, we can see its influence here and there.

Loads and passengers can be on the roof of local buses

At the central market.

At a sunset bar along Mekong River in Vientiane.

As fisheries, as a playground, as a bathroom, as a laundry, as a salon.
The river is a utility player.

(L) Beer Lao is cool!
(M) A girl at a boat stop
(R) We went to North Thailand from Luang Prabang by a speedboat. It was kind of dangerous.
It went up Mekong River dodging big rocks at full speed

In Laos, images of Buddha are sometimes displayed carelessly with much dust.

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