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Kuroyu to Hakkoda

There are lots of great hot springs in this area. Usually Many of them have open-air baths. We don't wear a bathing suits in Japanese hot spring baths. And men and women take same bath in some hot springs. I think Japanese is the keenest people in hot springs in the world. So many people come to take hot springs all the way from Tokyo or Osaka by spending their short summer vacations.

The open-air bath in Kuroyu Hot Spring (L) and the building for guests(R). I stayed for 3 nights and spent relaxing time surrounding by mountains and fresh air. Other good hot springs are also around there.

(L) A samurai warrior's house in Kakunodate, Akita Pref. and drain river in Hachirogata (R), the largest reclamation for rice fields in Japan.

Lake Onuma in Hachimantai, Akita Pref.(L) and the main building of Tsuta Hot Spring in Hakkoda in Aomori Pref.(R).

The grave of Christ(L) and a small pyramid in Shingo Village, Aomori Pref. Both have very fishy stories.

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