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Hiraizumi to Tono

Hiraizumi was the base of Oshu-Fujiwara Clan, who governed Tohoku area around the 12th century. This is also known for where most popular samurai hero Minamotono Yoshitsune was killed. We can see various historical sites about them.
Tono is famous for its folklores. A lot of strange and interesting stories have been handed down generation to generation in this district. We can listen to some stories from the native tellers directly at Tono Mukashibanashi Mura (Tono Folklore Village).

A jizo in Moetsu-ji Temple (L) and statues of warriors in Yoshitsune Shrine. Both are different from statues of western Japan in shape.

Jizo is seen as a protector of children, both living and dead. They can be found not only in temples, but in shrines and by the roadside.

Tsuzuki-Ishi (L), which Benkei, Yoshitsune's retainer, is said to have lifted
The sleeping place for Benkei (R)

Tono Mukashibanashi Mura (Tono Folklore Village)(L) and a lot of pairs of Oshirasama (R). Oshirasamathe is a sad tale that a girl and a horse fall in love the horse are killed by her father and she commits suicide to follow the horse.

Kappa Fuchi and Kappa (L), a rough road outside Tono (R)
Kappa is Japanese imaginary animal that live in the river and is said to be sometimes up to mischief to people.
Fuchi is a deep place in the river

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