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Hakodate to Lake Shikotsu

It was in Edo Period that Japanese settled Hokkaido. Matsumae clan built their castle at the south end of Oshima Peninsula and people got to open up the wilderness to the north gradually. On the other hand, Ainu People, the former inhabitant in Hokkaido, came to be ruled by Japanese and their hardships has lasted still now.

(L) At "Matsumae Castle Town", kind of a theme park in Matsumae. The castle town in Edo period is reproduced.
(R) Garo Waterfall in Shimamaki. It was really powerful because the river had risen after the rain.

(L) At Garo highlands in Shimamaki and a rough road around there (R) . The grove of white birches is so beautiful!

A rough road between Shimamaki and Kuromatsunai. There are some straight road like this around there.

(L) a dreamy dusk at Lake Shikotsu
(R) An open-air bath of Goshiki Hot Spring in Niseko

(L) Look at Lake Okotanpe, which is not very famous but has one of the clearest water in Hokkaido
(R) A rough road near Lake Shikotsu. Run through the tree tunnel.

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