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Dingo If you came to Cairns, You could enjoy every activities. Even if you were a stingy working-backpacker, You couldn't help spending money here. This is the Activity Kingdom. Scuba diving and cruising at Great Barrier Reef, jungle trekking into mountains, rafting in the rapid river, and sky diving and bungy jumping in the sky. At pubs in the town, tourists and native Aussies are drinking and making a lot of noise together through the night every day. If you stayed this crazy town for a month, your brain might melt away.

(L) Dingo, Aussie native wild dog

(L) An overnight cruising for G.B.R. The name of this cruiser with sail caught me very much. It matches my present situation and I have used the word to this homepage.
(R) A horse riding tour

The Bungy
Look down from the top -> Jump! really scary -> Stomach upside down -> Enjoy some more free falls by the rebound

A jog of beer costs about AU$5-7.
I like VB beer (Victoria Bitter). It is full-bodied and very good. Kanpai !

Airlie Beach is 8 hours south from Cairns by bus.
Whiteheaven Beach in Whitsundy Island (L) and Blue Pearl Bay in Hayman Island (R)

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