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In Khao San Road
Son Kran Festival is held all over Thailand in the middle of April.
Everyone splashes water and paints flour to anyone. Nobody can get off !!

Wat Arun in Tonburi Area. This is called "Temple of the Dawn"

Chao Phraya River
As well as buses, Water transportation is main means for people in Bangkok

A boat station (L) and Wong Wian Yai railway station (R)

Staff of Dio Guest House

(L)The woman in the center is a masseuse. Her massage is very good and she has a warm heart. You will get refreshment and good health for only 120B/1hr. The handsum guy on the right is Mr. Vee. He is in charge of internet services. 2B/min.
(R) The cute girl is Onn chan, a 18- year-old receptionist. She seems to miss someone very much.


In Bangkok, We can watch Mue-Thai boxing at Lunphini and Ratchadamri stadium. A bout is by 5 rounds and before every bout, fighters devotes Traditional dancing to their god. You can bet to any spectator in the stadium. As this gamble is Zero- sum game, you have a chance to get big money only if you develop your eyes to judge stronger boxers.

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