PreparationsRiding skill

I have been with my bike as much time as I can after getting a driving license, but have not got any systematic training about riding skill. Now I show you how I have been concerned with my bike so far.
Date Topic Odometer
14th May Pass motorbike license test 0 t's easy easy
16th May Get a new Yamaha TTR 20 Get stuck at the shores of a river. Tough start...
17th May A mountain dirt road for the first time 100 Cool!
Late May to early June Run around Kyoto 1,300 Visit lots of tourism resource of Kyoto
10th June to 6th July 1-month tour for North and East Hokkaido 4,300 Break shoulder on 25th June on the lakeside road. Afterwards keep traveling by hitchhiking.
Mid July Recuperation at home 4,600 In this term I determine to try the overseas motorbike tour.
4th Aug. to 1st Sep. 1-month tour for Tohoku and the 2nd Hokkaido (south and west) 9,600 Fell down many times and got bruises here and there on my body
14th Sep. The first group tour for Maizuru 10,500 Day trip. I found group riding quite difficult
30th Sep. to 1st Oct. 2-day tour for Hyogo prefecture 11,000 Got no injury but attacked by tanuki (Japanese wild raccoon)
9th Oct. to 16th Oct. 1-Week tour for Shinshu and Tokyo 13,000 Got out of course and fell over the cliff. But fortunately end up with slight damage.
25th Oct. to 26th Oct. 2-day tour for Wakayama 13,700 Broke the clutch lever
29th. Oct. to 1th Nov. 3-day tour for Shinshu 15,000 No fall, no cry!
Nov. Tackle bike maintenance 15,500 It's really hard to take off / fit tires....
Dec. Motorbike alteration for this time 16,000 Not so big modification....
Jan-Feb, 2000 Last check 17,000 Can't ride because of cold