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AUG 1 Come to Denmark
AUG 2 Sleep by the lake
AUG 3 Visit friends' house
AUG 4 Experience Danish food
AUG 5 Stay at Danish B+B

AUG 6 Sightseeing Copenhagen
AUG 7 Come into Sweden
AUG 8 Enjoy forests and roads
AUG 9 Ran through lake and woods
AUG10 Look for internet cafes

AUG11 Sightseeing Stockholm
AUG12 Meet again in Falun
AUG13 No more "snooze"
AUG14 See a genius horsegirl
AUG15 Get in interview

AUG16 Norway with beautiful rivers
AUG17 Ravine and fjord
AUG18 Stay one more night
AUG19@Cold nad rain again
AUG20 Cross back Scandinavia

AUG21 I saw moose!
AUG22 Enjoy forest off-road
AUG23Can't Start...
AUG24 Still waiting
AUG25 it is be getting autumn

AUG26 Autumn is coming
AUG27 Come to Samiland
AUG28 Educational sightseeing
AUG29 Unusual cottage
AUG30 Healing power?
AUG31Tough 500km