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May 2000

MAY 1 Get a real virus
MAY 2 Belongings come again.
MAY 3 Visit a museum
MAY 4 Visit a museum2
MAY 5 Get to Basque country

MAY 6 Cheerful Donostia
MAY 7 Leave Spain and France again
MAY 8 Get to Bordeaux
MAY 9 The plateaus in the rain
MAY10 Raing again, Lyon again

MAY11 Take day off
MAY12 Take day off 2
MAY13 Take day off 3
MAY14 enter Switzerland
MAY15 I like Swiss!

MAY16 Take the bike on the train
MAY17 Run and walk Liechenstein
MAY18 Camping life in Europe
MAY19 Zurich overnight
MAY20 Visit highlighs in Switzerland

MAY21 Walk village and mountain
MAY22 Have a glance around Bern
MAY23 A tough day with small trables
MAY24 Taste Germabn BarbeQ
MAY25 Spend a relaxing time

MAY26 Stay at a eerie hostel
MAY27 To Luxembourg
MAY28 To Belgium
MAY29 A lazy hostel's day
MAY30 Cross the Strait of Dover
MAY31 Stray into the "City"