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April 2000

APR 1 Excursion to Bourgogne
APR 2 Walk around Old Lyon
APR 3 Stay in Lyon and Relax
APR 4 Head for south, and Abignon
APR 5 Stop and walk again

APR 6 Run along the Mediterranean
APR 7 Pyrenees next!
APR 8 Ride and ski in Andorra
APR 9 Shopping is sometimes good
APR10 The first dormitory this time

APR11 Upload @ internet cafe
APR12 The first camping abroad
APR13 South again, camping again
APR14 Go off-road in Iberian
APR15 Siesta Spain

APR16 Digital camera is broken!
APR17 Enjoy off-road again
APR18 Take day off and write
APR19 The beautiful Shier Nevada
APR20 Waht's up on PC ?

APR21 Try to kill the virus all day
APR22 Too long Easter for me and PC
APR23 Something keeps me in Granada
APR24 Head for Madrid all the way
APR25 The virus has gone!

APR26 Visit a fairy village
APR27 Go into Portugal
APR28 Lisboa is a hill city
APR29 Can't move for the rain
APR30 The road to Nazare