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September 1 Finland  Kruunupyy/ Huuhka Family summer cottage

 I checked out the 390Mk. Hotel.
Yesterday I washed some clothes and dried them in the sauna room. It got dry soon.
When I was loading my luggage, a middle-aged nice guy came to me and we talked to each other for a while.
And afterwards I found he was the owner of the hotel.
He said, "the hotel cost you much. So I gave you this instead” And he gave me a leaflet with his sign and the words “One Free Meal" He has a restaurant and a karaoke bar in Helsinki. Now I am very lucky.
He also took me to a cafe near the hotel which he also owns. I used a computer for internet there for free and he treated me some cake and coffee. Very kind gentleman! 

I left Oulu around 3 o'clock at last.
Today’s destination is Kokkola, which is about 200km south along the Bosnian sea. I was meeting a person there at 7.
I got there quite earlier and he also came soon. A Volvo stopped next my bike, a tall man came out.
His name is Mr. Hoohka. I was invited to his summer cottage.

At his cafe in Oulu Five squirrels welcomed me, too.

September 2 Finland  Kruunupyy/ Huuhka Family summer cottage

Now I am enjoying myself very much in their summer cottage.
Especially the real hand-made sauna with a bunch of birch twigs.
When we feel too hot in the sauna room, we jump into the lake just in front. Really wild bathing.
Ari told me sauna is kind of the holy place for finnish. According to him, the "Official" bathing day seems to be Saturday.

I also enjoy breakfast, dinner, tea time cake, and lunch very much. Ari’s father and mother are cooking lots of native food using fresh salmon, wild mushroom, and so on. I am really happy now.

September 3 Finland  Kruunupyy / Huuhka Family summer cottage

With Huuhka's family
It is sometimes said that Finnish people are not talkative.
When I told Ari about it, he showed me a short story concerning their reticence.

 Two guys came to a lake on a sunny day together.
They sat down at the lake and enjoyed fishing.
They talked to each other only once during fishing. The conversation is;

A: It is fine today, isn't it?
B: Yes, it is well worth coming here to talk.

very funny, isn't it?

September 4 Finland  Helsinki / Hotel Arther(380FIM)

At Hoohka cottage
I left Huuhka cottage today.

Ari's mother hugged me with tear. Father sent me off with his warm look.
I never forget them and the experience here.

Starting past noon, I ran and ran for 540km to Helsinki.

September 5 Finland  Helsinki / Stadio YHA(65FIM)

At the talking room in Stadion YH
I tried to connect to the internet in the room but couldn't.

I don't know what is wrong on the modem setting. May be in Estonia.

Anyway today I went drinking with 2 room mates and enjoy the night of Helsinki.

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