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August 26 Finland  Koivu / Camping+Sauna (70FIM)

It is rally autumn, isn't it?
 A worker for the Youth Hostel treated me breakfast on condition that I would send some Japanese telephone card when I go back. Collecting world telephone card seems to his hobby. Though I told him, "it will be next year", he said "ok". Now I can't disappoint him. I have to keep it in my mind.

Today it was quite warm.
I hadn't had such a nice day for the last several days. I can't miss the beautiful opportunity and I ran nearly 500km today.
On the way, I changed engine oil and tighten the chain.

Through the immigration building without any check as usual, I went into Finland before 7 o'clock. But in Finland, we have to make our watches faster by 1 hour, that's why it was 8 o'clock.
I put the tent at a campsite along the road.
This campsite has sauna facility. It is very Finnish. Of course I tried.

Augst 27 Finland Inari / Holiday Village Inari Cabin (120FIM)

Reindeer are everiwhere in Samiland
I went up to the north along R-75 all the way. Running for about 30km, I got into Arctic Circle (N66'33").
There were some souvenir shops, a leisure park, and a post office named Arctic Circle Post Office. They have 2 kind of mail box. One is a normal one, and if you put your post card into the other one, the card is deliveries just before x'mas day. Now I am in Santa Claus country!!  

It is quite warm inside Arctic Circle. Vegetation is not very different from the south of the circle. There still last white birvh forests. I didn't expect the Arctic Circle is that warm. I don't need the rain coat over the bike jacket. And I can run with mesh gloves. It was colder in Scotland in July.

As I went up to the north, white birch forests are disappearing gradually, and some kind of conifers' wood like pine trees were getting appeared. Anyway, I can see woods everywhere on the road. I sometimes turned into side roads, and I found some squirrels running away up to the trees.And going up further, I witnessed! 
Some reindeer are crossing the road! this is the first time for me to see real reindeer. But I knew they are not wild reindeer afterwards. They are owned by Sami people and wild deer don't exist any more. Anyway, reindeer is reindeer. I was satisfied to see them and take pictures.
I stayed at Inari tonight.

August 28 Norway Polmak / Cabin (200NOK)

Sunrise at Inari
Inari is the one of the most major town in Samiland, although it looks quite small.
I enjoy sightseeing in Inari today.
In the big cities, using the motorbike is not appropriate because of much traffic, many traffic signals, and many one-way streets. But in the town of countryside, a motorbike is quite convenient.
 I went to a modern and very educational museum "Siida" (my name is Iida). We can learn history and nature of Samiland and people.

Then I joined an experience program at a farm which is 14km southwest from the centre. I was the only visitor and I had the instructor all to myself. We fed reindeer, practiced catching reindeer throwing a rope like a skilled Sami Farmer.(but actuall I don't know what will is educational for my future…(--;) ). And then we went into a house, where a lot of traditional clothes or furniture, practical tools for Sami people can be seen.
I also listened to their traditional folk song "Yoiku". 

Feeding reindeer

The population of Sami People in Finland is about 7,000 and the whole Sami population is 80,000 and more. Their origin is Asia and their futures are a little bit similar to us. As you know, most northen native people are Asian. When we look at a globe from the top, we can find Alaska, Scandinavia, Greenland, and Siberia are close to each other and they have the Arctic Sea in common.
 My instructor is also Sami (but her mother is Finnish). She said "I understand Sami language but I can't speak it. I can speak English and German much better"

Then after some shopping and lunch at the restaurant (enjoyed reindeer meat), I started cruising again to further north.
Cruising for about 200km, I came to the border to Norway again.

August 29 Norway Polmak / Cabin (200NOK)

The cottage
It is raining again. I don’t like it (maybe you like neither)
Now I am staying at an unusual cabin.
It is made of clay outside, and inner part is made of wood.
The landlady told me she designed the cabins as old Sami houses. It is very cosy only to stay in the cabin. I am as if in a fairy house.
There is a bedroom on the right, a kitchen and dining room on the left, and bathroom between them.
The price is 200NOK per night including breakfast. At first, she offered 350, but gave me a big discount easily.
She said she is a healer. I haven’t ever got healing and sounds quite interesting, isn’t it!?

Special sunset in Polmak

August 30 Finland Kiilopaan / YHA(free)

The northest point at this touring

Today I got her healing.
I closed my eyes and she check if my energy was flowing smoothly touching everywhere of my body.
After that, she told me that I had had some problems and she had already fixed it.
I don't know if it will bring me some luck make me happy. Anyway I will believe her treatment (200NOK)
And a strange thing happened.

After checking out, I headed to a little further north and came back to Finland border.
And when I was resting at a gas station, a middle-aged man came to me and offered handshaking.
We shook hand. His hand was warm and my arm was very cold for the long cruising. I told him "your hand is very warm". And he said
"Excuse me, but you have much power"
"Hur?? What?"
but he repeated, "I don't know, but I feel you have much power…"
And he went down on his knee and expressed his respect for me.
Maybe it happened just by chance or he might have praised a Japanese rider for travelling all the way.
But as It was just in the morning when I got the healing, I couldn’t help connecting this strange thing with it.
She might me a psychic healer!

Aug 31 Finland Oulu/Hotel Apollo(390FIM)

I ran and ran today.
I ran for more than 500km for the first time in this touring.
And I got to Oulu.
I checked in a business hotel.
The twin bed room is quite nice with a sauna room. This is Suomi!

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