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August 21 Sweden@Morsil / Bixogardens Viltfarm B&B (200SEK)

Hunting dog, Asita
This farm owns a lot kind of animals. Two dogs, some cows, some wild sheep, two horses, 10 more wild pigs, 40 more wild deer, and countless chickens.
Wild pigs looks really delicious. They must be best for Japanese pot dish gBotan-Nabeh! So do wild deer. They are half-wildly bred in their vast forest.
One of the dogs is named gAsitah, which just means gTomorrowh in Japanese. She is very lively and very clever. She is a hunting dog.
 Around this area, moose and wildcats seem to live. I have not ever seen wild cats (we have no wild cats in mainland Japan).
There is a fur of it hung on the wall of the house. it is bigger than a house cat but as big as a dog.

Before sunset, the landowners took me to see moose to the forest by car. It was around 30kms tour. At first, we couldnft see them but after a while, Rolf found something. gSeeh I looked at the forest over there. Something big were moving.  He said it was moose. We saw moose finally!!
Because of a long distance to it, we couldnft see it clearly. Moose looked staring at us and it looked forceful enough.

August 22 Sweden Morsil / Bixogardens Viltfarm B&B (200SEK)

The landowner of the farm.
Cool! Deers behind him
It is cloudy, and rainy again. and one more night.

I have a reason to stay for 3 nights. I forgot my motorbike locks (a wired lock and a U-shaped one ) at a Lingongarden B&B, where I stayed 2 weeks ago. I asked the landlady to send them here but they have not reached yet. By e-mail from her, she said she would send them on 16thc Anyway I have no way but wait.

I enjoyed off-road riding in the forest today. Very nice!! But no moose seen today.

August 23 Sweden Morsil / Bixogardens Viltfarm B&B (200SEK)

At lake hackren

The parcel hasnt arrived yet.

I called Lingongarden several times but it was always busy or answering machine.
I have to be patient...
It is getting colder day by day.
I have to be hurry to travel the rest of itinerary in Scandinavia. Otherwise I would get frozen.

August 24 Sweden Morsil / Bixogardens Viltfarm B&B (200SEK)

hwas waiting for it againc
I spend time reading a book, cooking by myself, and played with their dogs.
Outside it was cold and cloudy (sometimes rainy). I was a indoor boy today.

August 25 Sweden Umea / Umea YHA (130SEK)

Bixogarden Viltfarm B&B

After all, I stayed for 5 nights at the B&B in Morsil.
That's because I was waiting for the bike locks to be sent, but It didn't reached me by this morning.
I should have given it up right away and I wouldnft have waste such a long time. I can't help buying new ones.

Anyway, even if I didnft have this kind of problem, I wouldn't like to have left here because it had been really cold. It had been cloudy or rainy everyday for the last 1 week. I had been at home reading books and playing with Asita. Sometimes I went out to enjoy off-road into the mountain.
In the end, I had the whole house all to myself until I left there. they had no other guests. I spent very relaxing time there.
As the owner left home yesterday for weekend holiday, they allowed me to stay there one more night for free!! It was very kind of them.

Today I ran mainly toward the east, and stayed Umea, which is a small town at Bothnian Sea.
I became aware that it was getting autumn outside.
Trees are turning yellow and red, clouds is staying higher in the sky than in summer. The air is quite chilly.
As I was going further, it was getting warm.

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