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August 16 Norway Andalsnes / Andalsnes YHA (275NOK)

The border between Sweden and Norway
@I came to Norway all the way to see fjords.
Though it was sunny in the morning, it began to go bad after I crossed the border. And in the end most of my way today was with the rain.

Rains in north Europe are sometimes strange for me. Because of the high latitude, the sunshine comes from the side, not from the top. When a rainny cloud is above us, we get a rain and sunshine at the same time.
I have experienced this phenomenon quite often. It calls "Kitsune no yome-iri" in Japan. Means that when we see the phenomenon, a fox couple is holding a wedding ceremony somewhere! 

 Sweden has beautiful forests and lakes. And I think, neighbour Norway has a lot of majestic mountains and rivers.
The land of Norway is mountainous. And many mountains are very steep. From the steep mountains, numberless waterfalls run down rapidly.
Many of them are more than 100m long. though we have many waterfalls in Japan, most of them are shorter. I couldn't help stopping and taking some photos everytime I found it.

August 17 Norway Andalsnes / Andalsnes YHA (175NOK)

A waterfall at Trollstigen
Wash and check the bike in the morning. I changed the spark plug and cleaned the air filter.

In the afternoon, I went to sightseeing by motorbike.
The highlight around here is Trollstigen. A Terrific winding road, steep mountains and waterfalls.
From Andalsnes, I took route-63 to the south, and went up turning many times at every hairpin curve.
In some parts of the mountains, some snow is still left though it was only about 1000m high.

After I went over Trollstigen Pass, it started to rain again. I wore rain suits and headed back.
I took the way along fjords when I got back. Because of terribly long inlets, I sometimes had to run toward the opposite direction to the hostel for quite a long distance in the heavy rain. Now I have experienced the Scandinaviafs wonderful nature in this way.

When I hurried back to the hostel, I almost hit the head of a cow.
The cow came out from behind the tree by the road. As it was dark and rainy, I couldnft find it earlier. It was no time to use break and I leaned the bike and wiggled my body to avoid contact. The cow also twisted his neck like a invincible champion boxer. We manage not to contact each other in the end.
When I looked at the cow through the mirror, he was also looking at me.
I would have been in the hospital if I had hit him. And he would have been on the butcher.
This was the most dangerous scene I had on this Eurasia touring.
We have to be careful when we ride in the rain.    

August 18 Norway Andalsnes / Andalsnes YHA (175NOK)

I was going to move but gave it up because of the rain.
I had got the rain for 3 straight days and I didn't like to run in the rain any more.
I got up late, had breakfast, and slept again. In the afternoon, I spent time reading books and writing this travelogue.

Breakfast in this hostel is quite nice.
It is all-you-can-eat style. Some kind of bread and serials, cheese, oatmeal, coleslaw, ham, vegetable salad and grilled fish.
After the breakfast, I made a sandwich for lunch and took away.
This is not allowed in youth hostels. But as long as I watch other backpackers, many of them are taking it away in secret.
Poor travellers always have to manage to budget somehow.

August 19 Norway Trondheim / Trondheim YHA (170NOK)

Two waterfalls are going down the mountains
It was bed weather again but wasn't raining. I left the hostel for Trondheim.
From Andalsnes, going through some winding roads along fjords, I headed to the north.
Unfortunately (but I was expecting), I got rain on the way again. all my clothes and shoes got wet again. Disgusting (xx)

I was going up further north until Nordkapp along the west coast for my original plan from Trondheim. But now I have decided to change the route.It is too cold for me to do it. I turned to the east and began to cross Scandinavia again toward Bothnian Sea. I will go up along the east coast. My new target is "Let's go to Polar Circle!"

Auguast 20 Swedan@Morsil / Bixogardens Viltfarm B&B (200SEK)

I looked around the city in the morning.
I wanted to buy some souvenirs but all souvenirs shops were closed. This is Sunday!
I think that normally souvenirs shops earn money on weekends and holidays.... am I wrong??
Even some tourist offices are closed on Sunday.
It is very inconvenient for tourists. I think they should be a little bit more customers oriented. Or am I too much poisoned by American CS symptom?? 

When I was strolling in the central town, I came to a big cathedral, where something like a ceremony was going on. Some people with ethnic clothes are talking to each other in front of the cathedral. There are also some kids and babies. Everyone is dressed up. Maybe some of them were baptized or something.
Anyway, the ethnic dress is very beautiful. I looked for the most beautiful woman among them and ask her to take some pictures of her. Of course I wanted to talk her after taking her photos, but her boyfriend or husband was stared at me suspiciously.

Crossing over the border again, I came back to Sweden.
I checked in at a B&B outside a small town named Mosil.
Today I am the only guest and I can use the house all to myself.
The landlady told me that this house was first built in 1700's (300 years old!!). In spite of a big repair 5 years ago, the basic composition is still antique.
In the wooden building, there are some charming rooms with antique furniture. The bathroom and the kitchen are also very clean. On the wall of living room, some hunting rifles, moose antlers, and a fur of a wildcat are hung.
Very comfortable!!
This is 200Kr per night with breakfast. A dorm bed of the youth hostel costs 170Kr.. Which would you like to stay??  

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