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August 11 Sweden Stockholm / Backpackers inn@(100SEK

A view of the old town

I went sightseeing in Stockholm all day today.

Using Hop-on, Hop-off tour bus (130SEK), I went and see some museums, church and Royal Palace.

The bus itself was not very good. Tape guide in Japanese was broken and even English tape guide was almost broken. The bus often stopped and was checking something. That is why it went very slowly. It made me irritate and I got off the bus halfway.

August 12 Sweden Falun / Dannel & Anna-karin's Apartment

Where are they going?
I went to Miles Garden. He is the most famous sculptor in Sweden.
In the garden, human (and human-like) statues stand with much energy and thought-provoking.
They have power to make our emotion or something shake. We can't miss the garden in Stockholm

Afterwards I headed to Falun through Motorway E-18 and Route70 for about 200km. We met a Swedish couple, Daniel and Anna-Karen,  who I knew in Laos last year, took the awful speedboat river trip to Thai border and stayed at a guest house in Chiang Khon together. They have been following my website and gave me information of Scandinavia. I am staying at their apartment for the next few days.

Dinner by the  beautiful lake

After "check-in", we went to Anna-Karen's parents house, which is a small village named Enviken and faces a beautiful lake.
They entertained me to dinner. Herrings, pork barbeque, Sweden-original hard bread, etc. and we drunk snaps, which is also peculiar to Sweden. We drank one cup after another at every "Scall!" said by anyone. I was quite drunk and happy.

August 13 Sweden Falun / Dannel & Anna-karin's Apartment

A too beatiful lake
With a symbol of Sweden
They took me some places around Falun. A beautiful church at the lake in Rattvik, most beautiful Siljan lake, Dora-horse factory and shop in Nunas (Dora-horse is an horse ornament made of Gron tree. It has been a symbol of Sweden, although it used to be a toy for children in this region), searching for mooses, Anna-Karin's grandmother's house, and went to her parents house and had dinner again. they gave me a small bottle of snaps when I left there. 

When we came back home and are taking a rest, Anna-Karen's sister and her boyfriend visited us. He was taking a special tobacco called "snooze". It is kind of paste. The colour is almost black. He kneaded it and made a small ball. And he put the ball between his lip and upper gums. He said it would be kept there and he enjoyed it.

As he looked happy very much, I tried it, too. But It had so strange taste. After a while I became dizzy and got sick. I had to run into the toilette. It is rather drug than tobacco. I think it should be banned.

August 14 Sweden Falun / Dannel & Anna-karin's Apartment

Daniel's family
Today is Monday and Anna-Karin went to work. And Daniel took me many places again.
In the morning, we went around in the city, the old town, a big copper mine (Falun used to be a famous copper-producing place), and the ski jumping slides.

In the afternoon we picked up Anna-Karin and headed for Daniel's parents house. It is also close to their apartment.
Daniel has a younger sister as a supergirl. Her name is Erika, 14 years old. She is an excellent horsewoman. She won a national horse-riding competition for 14-15 year-old category. Fortunately, I had chance to see her riding. Maybe her father let her ride for a tourist from far east.

She looks really gallant on the horse, in spite of a cute shy girl in the house. But when I turned the camera toward her, she became a shy girl for an instant.  The figure was just like a pretty fairy of the forest.

Today I had moose meet Anna-Karinfs parents gave us roast moose and moose meat balls.
. It was very tasty. I am happy.

August 15 Sweden  Sarna / Sarna YHA (100SEK)

Today I got an interview from a local newspaper company.
Daniel's father seems to have told a reporter about me. This is the 2nd time for me to get an interview. Next time BBC, maybec.

After packing and loading all luggages, Daniel and I headed for the building outside the city.
A tall man appeared and he was an interviewer. We moved to a dirt road near the company to take some photos. And interview also took place there.
Although my English is not very good, I managed to answer quite well to his questions, I think now.

After the interview, I parted from him and headed for Norway.
We are going to meet somewhere in Southeast Asia in next January again. I enjoyed the 3 days very much with them and their families.

About 200km and some more from falun, I came near the border to Norway.

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