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August 1 Denmark Krusa / Camping (50Kr)

 Road conditions in Germany are always perfect, I think.
Even it has a crack or a hole, they repair it completely. The repaired parts are just like patch work. It is very German, isn't it?

 They also observe traffic signal very well. When I am running with the motorbike following a car in Germany, I have to be careful. Because they stop at yellow signal. Japanese driver seldom stop at yellow signal, especially the early part of yellow.

But on the other hand, I saw a lot of vagrants drunk and doing nothing at the Hamburg station. It might be a reaction against strict German society. In the evening I came into Denmark. I put the tent near the border.

August 2  Denmark Gl.Rye / Camping (33Kr)

 It rained heavily last night and this morning intermittently.
The rain fell in torrents on the tent and I couldn't sleep well. Just before noon, the weather got stable and it was getting sunny. I packed up and started as usual.

Most land of Denmark is low as well as Nederland. Looking at the map, the highest mountain is 170m or something. Very low.
I went up to the north on route-170. Landscapes are mostly wheat fields. Road condition is good. There are some speed meter on the road, which remonstrate against our over-speed.

I saw some beautiful lakes when I entered Denmark. Any of them were surrounded by woods. This is different from lakes in Britain and Ireland. I put the tent in a campsite by a typical Danish lake like that.     

August 3 Denmark Arhus / Jane & Jesper's Place 

A typical danish house in old days
In the morning I explored around the campsite by the motorbike. There is a big lake about 5km from the campsite. I walked on the walking path. When I was walking in beech forests, it began to rain suddenly. It was getting heavier and I couldn't take refuge under the tree. And I had to wait for the rain to stop for nearly an hour.

After it stopped, I headed back to the campsite and packed up in a hurry.
I was meeting a Danish couple who I got to know in Australia last year.
They have followed my web site and gave me e-mail to drop in their town.

We met each other at 4:30.
Jane and Jesper were not backpackers anymore but cool business lady and gentleman. When we knew each other at first, we were both tourist. But only I am still a vagabond. I felt a little bit inferior to my present situation.
Anyway, I am happy to see them again and they kindly invited their house. We headed back to their place.

August 4 Denmark Arhus / Jane & Jesper's Place

Candy corner at the supermarket
Go to one of the biggest forests in denmark called. In Denmark, forests seems to be protected with great care.
I saw few people there and enjoyed its spirit exclusively.
Jane and Jesper

Danish people seem to love candies very much. Yesterday I went to a supermarket with Jesper and Jane. There were so many kind of candy displayed on the shelf and they bought some packs.
I tried some and the taste was …. I can't explain. I didn't know a pepperish candy exists on the earth. I realise the difference of food culture.

But the dinner they cooked for me was very goods. Yesterday I had pork meet ball. It is similar to hamburger and special sauce made it more delicious.
And today I had Danish traditional bread with some nice toppings. It was also cool!     

August 5 Denmark Copenhagen / Inger Pokel (225Kr)

Tour de Denmark,
I saw it bu chance

I got up quite early and packed up.
After breakfast with traditional Danish bread (it was rather cake than bread), Jesper and Jane took me to the ferry port. I followed their car.
I got on the 10:00 ferry from Arhus. It arrived at Oddense in Zealand one hour after (206Kr).

Zealand is the most eastern main island of Denmark. We can go to Sweden easily by a new bridge that was built just a few months ago.
I stayed at a private house today, which the tourist office recommended me. I didn't know this kind of accommodation is in Denmark.

The house is in a quiet residential area, which is not very central of the city. the room is clean and cosy, and the landlady is also friendly.
It is much smaller than British and Irish B+Bs, and less decorated. It is more simple and looks functional.

Private houses in Europe are older than Japanese ones in general. Yesterday I looked at housing advertisement for sale and I found that not a few houses were built more than 100 years ago.     

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