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JULY 16 Wales Rhyd-y-Foel / Meyfod B&B (18 Pounds)

Sunset in Wales
I spent this morning checking and washing my motorbike, and talking to other campers. And I left the campsite in the afternoon as usual. I want to make better use of morning. When I was a office worker, I used to go to the office at nine every day regularly. Now I can't understand why I managed to do it.

By the way, striking the tent, I visited Lake District in the afternoon. Lake District was not what I had expected. It was a very busy sightseeing area with lots of tourist, souvenir shops, cars, and rental bikes. It looks like Karui-zawa in Japan.
However, when I left the central, I saw a calm landscape. There is a good harmony of lakes, forests, and pastures. I can understand why many people want to visit there.

Then I came down to the south further. I used motorway and came to Wales.   

JULY 17 Wales Dolgellau / Camping (3.5Pounds)

David and Aileen. B&B in behind them
The B&B I stayed yesterday was excellent.
I found a small sign on the main road. Following the sign for about 3km into the mountain, I got to a small village called Rhyd-y-Foel. The B&B is outside of the village. It stands in a very quiet place by the woods. The B&B, which is ran by a elegant and friendly couple, is quite small but excellent about everything.

The interior of the room is based on white and blue. It is very clean, pretty, and cosy with a soft and fluffy bed and tasteful furnishings. From the window, I see small woods. The bird are singing and cows are howling. 

Beautiful room

It is not an en-suite room, but this is rather better because I can use their big bathroom with a cosy bathtub. I hadn't had taken a bath for a long time and today I was in the bathroom for quite a long time.

As I wrote before, I love B&B very much. In Japan we have a similar accommodation called "Minshuku" (Japanese style inn with dinner and breakfast), but B&B is more casual and easy to visit.   
I don't know how this system was born and developed, but I think it is a important culture of Britain and Ireland.
Although there are a lot of businesslike B&Bs, the basic concept for it is that "to invite guest at there private houses", I think.
To run a B&B, the house has to be big, beautiful and furnished enough to let guests stay. I see B&Bs with these conditions everywhere in Britain and Ireland and I feel how they have mature society.

JULY 18 Wales Talsam/ Camping (3.5pounds)
Campsite in Talsam

The weather was lovely again today.
As usual, I idled away my time in the morning, and started around noon.
From Dolgellau, along the west side of Cumbria mountains, I ran to the south.

On the way, I dropped a cafe for lunch, which a local woman had recommended me, and ate Kidney Pie with Chips and beans. It was quite good for 3.3 pounds.
Then I went to a museum about Celtic people and culture named "Celtica" in Machynlleth.

JULY 19 England Lynton / Pans Paraphernalia (15Pounds)

On a dirt road in southwest England
Exmoor Forest)

Wales may be an unfamiliar country to Japanese tourists. Many tourists would go to Scotland, which is rather further from London. In fact a Japanese guidebook I have with me says about this lovely country very little.

As it is closer to England, Wales seems to have been more subordinate. However, the relation between England and Wales is very complicated for me and I don't know well. Maybe England has used carrot and stick well.
And now, U.K. fighters are fling low above Wales every several minutes. Nuclear power plants are concentrated in Wales.

But it is amazing that the Gaelic language is more alive in Wales than in other Celtic related area-Ireland, Scotland, and Isle of Man, etc… According to "Lonely Planet", around 18% of the population speak Walsh. And on the roads and other public places, signs are written in both English and Walsh thoroughly. They also have a special TV channel spoken in only Walsh, and at school Walsh has been a required subject for more than 10 years.
I wanted to stay in Wales and know more, but I don't enough time.   

JULY 20 England Carbis Bay / Camping (6 Pounds)

a View in Clovelly

Ran toward the southwest along Celtic Sea. I am heading for "Lands End", which is the most west point of Britain. Cornwall has a lot of scenic spots and a national park. On the way, I visited a small fishing village called Clovelly. We need 3.5 Pounds to enter the village.
A steep and narrow alley leads to the small pier. And on the both sides of the alley, slender houses stand closely.
This village is also Charles Kingsley's childhood place. That is all but it has a lot of visitors.
I tried a fried Scampi dish but it was too deep-fried. Not good.

Then I went further to Cornwall district. It was very sunny and I became sleepy as I went. And I slept in the pasture along the road for about an hour at last.

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