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JUNE 26 Ireland Galway / Great Western House (10)

Some guys gave me beer at the rever side
Last night, after some work on the computer, I went to the town by motorbike.
It was fun to drink at some pubs but I broke something again.
Although I started the bike to come back, it stopped suddenly with a dull sound.
I found out immediately. The rear wheel was still locked with a U-shaped lock!!
Looking back timidly, the chain cover split into two. The chain and the lock easily snipped off the plastic cover.
But I felt rather relieved because no spokes were broken. It would have been much serious.

So this morning I repaired the broken chain cover. As usual, it was a easy treatment with sticky cloth tape. The cloth tape is very useful. It can be used every situation. This time again, the cover was perfectly repaired.

These days I lose or brake things quite often. A pannier bag last week, the chain cover last night, and today I can not find my briefs. I with I set transmitter with all my belongingsc

JUNE 27 Ireland Galway / Rusheen Bay House (25)

Cliffs of Moher
I went to a motorcycle shop in the morning and ordered new front/rear tires. The present ones are almost worn.
Then I walked around the city.
Street musicians are playing traditional music here and there. Mostly they are solo or duo. Instruments they have are every kind.
I strolled listening and listened strolling. Their own peculiar triple time rhythm comes to me comfortably.
Music is a important element for tourism. It always excites emotions of travellers. 

Now I am staying at a B&B, which is located a bit far from the central and faces is along the coast.
As I wrote before, there are millions of B&Bs in Ireland. Most houses on this street also run B&B.
The number of B&B must be more than the number of houses that don't run B&Bc.
This house seems to have been constructed for B&B basically.
In spite of so many B&Bs, "It is always full in high season", the owner said. Ireland has really many tourist, doesn't it?

JUNE 28 Ireland Galway / Rusheen Bay House (25)

A day trip for Aran Island. I went to the biggest island called Inishmore.
A small ferry leaves the port, which is about 35km west to Galway, and we arrived there 1 hour after.
This Island is one of the sightseeing highlights in western Ireland. So there were quite a lot of tourists. Much different from Cape Clear, which I visited the other day.

As soon as we landed, guides on the tour mini buses hailed us. I got on one of them (up to 14 passengers). This is the first experience in Europe for me that they themselves hailed tourists, though it is quite usual in Asia!
This is about 3 hour round tour and 5 Punts. The tour itself was quite disappointed. The tour guide (and driver at the same time) was not very talkative. But I don't thing he was lazy but it is he character. So were other mini bus tour guides. Taciturnity might be the islanders' common character.

 Instead, I met some impressive encounters today.
I met a Austrian tourist Kurt on the bus. we were a lazy tourists but we talked to each other on the bus and in a cafe with beer.
Even after coming back to Galway, we went to a pub together and watched Euro 200 football game of course with beer.
He is very cheerful and intelligent. According to him, Germany is a neighbour but Austrian are less strict.
Austria has also the border with Italy. He said Austrian have both characters, German diligence and Italian cheerfulness. To watch him, I can understand what he said.       

JUNE 29 Ireland Galway / Rusheen Bay House (25)

Young Irish people learn Irish
There are two official languages in Ireland, English and Irish.
The first language is Irish, but most people speak English in daily life. Only old people in some parts use Irish.
I have asked some people about the actual situation of Irish. Some people answered Irish speakers are increasing, and some said decreasing.I don't know which is right, but may be the both are right.

I think native speakers might be decreasing but at the same time, more and more young people are learning it nowadays.
At school, Irish is a required subject, and when a student get good marks, he have advantage in entrance examination and getting a job (a campsite manager told me that). And TV, there is a Irish only channel.

 But in the near future, irish will not become the first language in "real meaning". Well, in present world, the merit to use English is huge.
I am very curious that where Irish is going, which is not so important in practical use but a symbol of their independence and identity.

JUNE 30 Ireland Smithborough B&B (20 Punts)

A nice B&B in Galway.
It faces the coast
In spite of waiting for 3 days, I couldn't change tires in Galway in the end.
When I went to the motorcycle shop on Tuesday, a shop worker said, gOk, Ifve got your order. They will be arrived tomorrow or Thursday at the least h.
Therefore I went on Thursday again. Next another displeased-looking man came to me, gnot yet, come tomorrow.h
And I went again today for the third time. But the man said gMaker doesn't have stock. Ask to somewhere elseh
I got angry. They should have told it earlier!

Now I decided to head for Belfast directly. This is much bigger than Galway and I could get them there.I changed engine oil (of course at another shop!) and went to the east. To be honest, I wanted to visit the northwestern region, but my tires are almost worn and my itinerary is quite delayed.

As soon as I started, it began to rain. It was not hard at first but it was getting heavily gradually. All my clothes got dripping wet. But I ran for more than 200km and checked in at a farmer's B&B outside Smithborough

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