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JUNE 21 Ireland Cork / Shieila's Tourist Hostel (8Pt)

Pickles shop in the town

The soft pannier bag was broken. Stupidly I started the bike with the strap of the bag unfastened. The strap hung down close to the ground and soon was caught in the rear wheel. The caught strap tore the bottom part of the bag. It is seriously injured. It will be completely broken sooner or later. I put cloth tape at the broken part but it is only a temporary treatment. Haaa.  How stupid I am!

By the way, I walked around the central of Kilkenny. I went into the Kilkenny Castle. It was 3.5 pounds with introduction video and guide for about 1 hour. The guide's talk was very good. Even I was able to understand quite much what he explained about the castle.

The backpackers' hostel I am staying now is also good.
Staff members are very kind and I fell at home here. And there are a lot of spaces so that backpackers have conversation to each other. A Tea corner, a common room, a TV room, a dining room.

The only bad thing is it doesn't have any personal lockers in the room. We had to take care of our luggage.Especially today, I have two guys in a desperate situation in my room together.

Guy A "How shall we get dinner tonight?"
Guy B "ccc."
Guy A "Hey, answer my question!h
Guy B "I can't answer it without money"
Guy A "Where shall we sleep tomorrow?"
Guy B "We have streets or station"
Guy A "I can't find fuckin' Job!"(Loudly)

On the travel, we couldn't help making any decisions by a small piece. I moved some valuable things into the common luggage room.

JUNE 22 Ireland Baltimore  /  Rolf's Holiday Hostel (8Pt)

An old church built the 13th century
Destroyed by English Army completely

I looked for a repair shop for my pannier bag but could not.
I just had my shoe repaired at a shop. It had been broken since one month.
Then I left Cork for the west further. I came to Baltimore through Route 600, mainly. This is almost southern end of Ireland. To tell the truth, I wanted to go to Cape Clair, which is a small island near Baltimore.  I went to the ferry port and I found a motorbike cannot be carried on the ferry.
Well, I will come again leaving the bike and luggage at the hostel.

This hostel is also very nice. It is located on a hill and we enjoy a fine view.
And it has a pretty restaurant. But there is also cooking facilities and you don't always have to eat at the restaurant.The room is clean and I like the floor carpeted.

And Besides; staff members are more important. They all are very friendly and the managers speak to me. It is quite nice to be spoken by staff members with interest. They looks enjoying the job and it is also nice for guests to see them with fun.

JUNE 23 IrelandBaltimore  /  Rolf's Holiday Hostel (8Pt)

A day trip for Clear Island.
There are 2 ferries a day from Baltimore (9 Punts to return). The population of the island is only about 200.
The guidebook said people in the island speak Irish in daily life but I couldn't hear it in the end, maybe. Their English has strong accent and I didn't know if it was English or Irish.

It was quite busy because I arrived at the island on 3 o'clock and leave there at 6. I walked around quickly and was exhausted.
There are some impressive sites and ruins but I think the best is a saint whose monument is standing just by the harbour. I cannot remember his name but he brought Christian into the island earlier than saint Patrick brought it into Ireland. It would be a great thing.

I had dinner at hostel's restaurant. Spaghetti for starter, Irish lamb steak with apple sauce for main. Warm vegetable salad and rice are for side dish. Dessert is peach tart and coffee. The whole amount was 23 punts including Half bottle of wine. It was very good.    

JUNE 24 Ireland Killarney Camping (5pt)@

That's rather confusing ??

What is noticeable during cruising in Ireland?
In the city, they are watching cameras and statues. And in the countryside, animal carcasses (especially crows), B&Bs, and road indications.

There are really many B&Bs here, even in a deserted town. Many of them seem to have another business.
About road indications, there are many signs of town, hotel, B&B, etsc.
You can't get lost in Ireland, certainly!

I came to Killarney, one of the highlights of Ireland sightseeing. 

JUNE 25 Ireland Killarney Camping (5pt)

Ring of Kerry

I made a round for "Ring of Kerry".
It is about 180km to round. Starting at the camping site in Killarney, taking Route 71, 70, 72, and come back. It need the whole day.
There are beautiful lakes, magnificent coastlines, deserted rock mountains, peaceful pasture, thick forests, and a pretty fancy village on the course.
It is an ideal sightseeing road that gathers all Irish attractiveness.
I do recommend you to visit here when you come to Ireland.

One more thing I recommend in Ireland is gfish burgerh
I  think tourists who don't like oily food can have it as daily meal (especially for Japanese).

I also like fish & chips, but it is quite oily and too much for me. When I eat all, I sometimes feel sick.
Fish burger is lighter and quantity and price is reasonable (about 1.5-2 Punts). Of course it is very good.
In most shops they fry fish after we order. It is very delicious! Some times I find a big bone but it would be a evidence of homemade.
The fish may be cod.

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