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JUNE 16 Ireland Dublin / Dublin International Youth Hostel (12pt))

I went to GAA Museum. It is an exhibition for Irish traditional sports.
They are four. Haring, Gaelic football, handball, and Rounders. Any sports are ball games.
I will go to watch a haring game at the stadium next to the museum.

At night, I went drinking to Temple Bar.
I drank beer quite a lot listening Irish traditional live music in some pubs.
The live was very exciting, and heart-warming.Musicians themselves sit at the table, and play with beer and cigarettes. They beckoned an old woman who looked hard to listen standing, and let her sit next to them.
The instruments are Fiddle, guitar, banjo, pipe, and three kind of percussion. Their music with unique@quick rhythm made guests beat time with our hands and legs naturally.

JUNE 17 Ireland Dublin / Dublin International Youth Hostel (12pt)

Temple Bar in Temple Bar

Sightseeing in Dublin.
Walking is much better than a motorbike for city sightseeing. There are a lot of one-way streets and sometimes it is hard to park it.
Today I used a one-day bus tour. We see some major points with a two-stored bus. It makes around the course about 1hour with funny guide by the driver.

We can get on the bus and get on again at any points. The ticket is valid for all day. This is called Hop-on, Hop-off system. Buses come every 10 minutes and very convenient. I made 2 round as drivers' talk was very funny.

At night, beer again at pubs.
And tonight I tried Irish dishes. At a restaurant, I ordered seafood cocktail and traditional stew. Both were very large quantity and even I couldn't eat all. The seafood cocktail, which had some, scallops, squid, and clams, were very delicious. The stew is also ok. It was 20 pounds with some bread, a pint of Guinness and coffee. Quite cheaper than eating in Japan.      

JUNE 18 Ireland Dublin /Dublin International Youth Hostel (12pt)

Kilkenny VS Dublin

I went to watch hurling today.
It is an Irish traditional sport. It is a little similar to hockey but different. Players are 15 people each. They have sticks and they hit the ball or run with the ball on the stick. The goal is like football goal + rugby goal. 1point is got for over the bar and 3 point under the bar with a net.

I think this sport is very dangerous. Players must rush to a player of the other side, who are swinging a stick, and rob the ball. And in the first place, the ball itself is very hard. I saw some players falling off who got hit by the ball from a very short distance.

The game was Dublin VS Kilkenny. Kilkenny won easily. As I was on the Kilkenny side, I was satisfied. I had got a discounted ticket from a Kilkenny fun. His seat was next to mine and he taught everything about the rule.
Hurling is one of the most popular sports in Ireland as well as Gaelic football. The stadium was almost full on today's game. According to him, each county has a professional team at least.     

JUNE 19 Irerand Glencree / Glencree Youth Hostel (7Pt)

Visit Newgrange ruins. It is a small village about 35km north from Dublin. Ancient ruins gather along River Boinne.
Parking the motorbike not to attract attention, bound the luggage with a wire lock, put a cover on the bike, and started looking.

I bought the ticket at the Visitors Centre. Then I head for the spot by shuttle bus.
We had a guide on the spot. According to her. It was build 5000 years ago. Much earlier than Celtic people. It seems to be older by 500 years than pyramids in Egypt (She looked proud about it. But I think that estimated period of pyramids is also unreliablec)

Two big tomb ruins have dome shape. Diameter is about 50m. they are made of stone, which is supposed to have been carried from very far places. On the outskirt of the dome and inside, a lot of wall paintings were painted. Many of them were spiral pattern. As time went by, some more buildings were built by Celtic people and Norman people on the dome. Thats why Nowadays a lot of relics have been found in many periods there.  .     

JUNE 20 Ireland Kilkenny / B&B Rodini (23Pt)

Celtic style tombstone
in Glendalough

Last evening when I was making the travelogue in the garden of the youth hostel, I got terribly lots of bites by bugs. They were not mosquitoes. I have not seen that kind of bug. They are much smaller than mosquitoes. The shape is like a fruit fly. But even smaller than it. Terribly number come onto my head and legs, and chew my blood. They move very slowly and I crushed some, but they were too many to kill all.
An American couple who were going cycling around also were saying "What's this bug??" with a big gesture as usual.
I escaped into the room after 30 minute struggle in the end.

Today I left Grencree and ran in the mountain (but rather hill) area in southeast Ireland.
I passed some small towns and villages at every 10km. This is just like "village hopping tour"
The most beautiful view today was a small lake on the way between Sallygap and Roundwood. I am afraid few people know the name of the towns, they are really small and not touristic.

I stayed at a B&B in Kilkenny. this is the first time for me to stay B&B.
I asked the tourist information office in Kilkenny to book.(They took 3.5Pt just for a booking!)
Then I headed for a house a few kilometres far from the central. Ringing the bell, a young boy came up and took me to the room.
The room is with a shower, toilette, TV. It is almost a hotel. It is quite comfortable.

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