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JUNE 11 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

I was going to Ireland crossing the sea tonight, I changed my mind while I was in the museum and ran on the country road. I went to the ferry port and change the day into 15th of June. I like this island very much.
I got some knowledge about Isle of Man.

It is thousand years ago that people started to settle this island.
Then about 2000 years ago, Celtic people came crossing the sea. They originally lived in Central Europe and began to move to the west and north.
They were increasing gradually, not rapidly in this island, as well as in Britain and Ireland.

After the peaceful period for Celtic people for a while, Viking came from the north. Viking didn't wipe Celts out, but assimilate into it, instead. They lived together. Much of Manx culture was formed in this era, even though it was ruled by England or Scotland later.

Even the country's parliament is based on 1000-year-old tradition. The parliament that is held in a open air place every mid summer is called "Tynwald" .  it has been since Viking. It sounds so cool! This country's policy must be so healthy, I think.     

JUNE 12 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)
Their lovely kids

This is the 8th night to stay here. I really get used to Hackman's family now.
On the contract, I can get a bed and breakfast. But now I eat dinner with them.
Today I am nominated to cook soup as starter (the pot dish I cooked before might have been good!).

And about my room, I stayed in a dorm at first. The next was a computer room, and now I am promoted to a great double room.

When I asked to stay for some more night last time, I was glad and a little bit embarrassed. Because Sara told me, "You are like another son of us. You can stay here as long as you like." Actually she is younger than mec.

JUNE 13 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)
I found a off-road called 'Millennium way'. There is a entrance at a little bit west from Ramsey.
As I saw a traffic sign with a picture of a horse and a motorbike, I went into it.
Looking at the map, this trail leads to Castletown, which is most southern point in the island. It is estimated about 20 or 30km.After running for a while, the trail ran into a gate. This is shut but not locked. So I open the gate and went ahead. And another gate again. Open and go. when I saw the third gate, I gave up going forward further. It was too lazy and the trail was getting very rough. It would have been too hard with my riding skill. I couldn't help heading back.
I have to add one more thing. We can not run the whole "Millennium way" with motorbikes. In many part of the trail, any vehicles are prohibited, by way of precaution.     

JUNE 14 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

Motorcycle Museum
For my memory, I tried to make a round of TT course and take a record, but I took a wrong way and 'retired' at the early part.
Starting from the Grand Stand, taking to the west on route-1, and I went straight ahead into a small port town Peel. I should have turned right before the town.

I want to try again tomorrow morning before getting on the ferry.

Yesterday when I went to Motorcycle Museum along TT course, I found a post card of Yukky on the wall of the museum.
I felt glad too see a reminder of her visit. I talked boastfully to the receptionist, "This is my friend and a great racer!".
And I put my name card on the next.

JUNE 15 Ireland Dablin / International Youth Hostel (12Pt)

The ferry to Dublin is on 14:00. Let's try TT course again in the morning.
 I didn't make a mistake this time, and left a record.
49' 17"@for a round (60.8km)Max speed 105.9km/h
Ave speed 73.6km/h

They round for 18 minutes on the race, so I took nearly 3 times to them. I could have got around the same record if I had not had some traffic signals and slow cars!

I didn't fully open up the engine because I don't want the bike to get broken. Even so, it was greatly nice, especially when I ran on the mountain course at 100kmh.

Saying good-bye to Graeme and Sara, I hurried to the ferry port.

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