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JUNE 6 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

Local people shared the table to us
at the restaurant. Thank you!
No races today. I walked around the Grand Stand and the city. We could enjoy some amazing Events and see various kind of motorbikes coming here crossing the sea from abroad. This time, about 40,000 people seem to surge into the island, which is more half of the island's population.

I know little about the race and Yukky told me about it. TT race used be a part of world motorbike grand prix. But as it is too dangerous, it was dropped off from the list several years ago.
The whole course is public roads, most of which don't have any protection. The road is quite narrow and hilly. Obviously much concentration is needed for the race. 
After the competition of the day, the road is to the public. Lots of riders, who were waiting for it, attack the course. (most roads in mountain area have no speed limit). Some riders die or get injured there. Actually, I saw some people who were walking on crutches. As mine is a trail bike and I run with yukky on the back, I was passed by many with terrible speed.
You might think, such a dangerous race should have been already abolished. But this is Isle of Man, the most wild and cool country in Europe. Sentence of flogging still exists and no speed limit roads. It should be.  

JUNE 7 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

This is not a swallow nest
Today, I saw the final for Ultra Light Weight, Single TT and 600cc class. In the evening, I enjoyed a comical performance Purple Helmets. Very funny.

At Ultra Light, Joey Dunlop won. He is 48 years old but still fast. He enters for some other classes, and has already won for 3 classes. He is said to be "the fastest man in Isle of Man" and many riders respect him. I didn't know him then. When I first heard his name , I was stupid to say, "what's up about the tire?". People around me said, "cc"

Even though I didn't know him, I understand it is really difficult to win many times on such a tough course. To be honest, 7 people has already been dead in this term so far. Most of them are not racers but visitors, but it tells us the toughness of the course.

JUNE 8 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)
Manx Cat. They don't have tails

Isle of man is a country, not just a region. It has its own national government, parliament, and currency.
The population is about 74,000. Douglas is the capital. English are spoken now but people were speaking Manx language before English.
Most part of the island is gently hilly. The climate is rather warm for the latitude.

The island has another uncommon thing, which is called Manx cat.
At first glance, they are just normal cats. But they have no tails. It is said to have been lost by a mutation.
I had a chance to see the strange cat the other day.

When I was cruising with Yukky on TT course, we saw a old woman who beckoned us to her house. We didn't know the situation but any way followed her. And we saw it there.
Though it was quite elegant as well as its owner, it was walking awkward a little because of no tail, probably.
But I didn't know why she beckoned me. "Maybe she wanted to show it off", said Yukky.

JUNE 9 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

At the  mountain road
Rain again and again and again.
Today's two races were delayed and only 1 race (Production TT) were held by 2 laps (normally 6). Senior TT was suspended. It will be done tomorrow.
I went to the Grand stand twice but it ended in vain.
Instead I cooked dinner today. I bought some pork, fish, shellfish, leeks and Chinese cabbage. Today's menu is Pot dish with Japanese Miso (soy bean paste) soup. I don't have any Japanese soup and stock and I made do with chicken stock, which made the dish a little bit strange...
Anyway, I finished cooking and served it to Hickman's Family.
 Graeme and Sara said very good but their son Benjamin didn't like it. I think kids are usually candid.
Yukky followed up me with Teriyaki Chicken and some salad. It was really good!   

JUNE 10 Isle of Man Douglas / Hackman's Home (Home Stay 16P)

Winner for Senier TT
It is the last day today. Only Senior TT is left. The weather is very fine. As Yukky has gone to Japan, I went to watch it with Hackman Family.
We watched at the ending part of Mountain Course. The road is straight and slightly going down. Since all schedule should have been finished yesterday, the gallery is not so much. Many had to go home by yesterdayfs or todayfs ferry. So we were able to watch the race wherever we would like.
I sat just by the road. There was no fence or rope and I could touch racers. Really exciting. And dangerous. I rather felt racersf air pressure when they came went by me.

A classic bike at the town

The winner is Devid Jeffery (picture on the right). Joey Dunlop, who had won 3 times in this year TT, ended at the third.
And the only Japanese Jun Maeda was forced to retire at the first lap.
I saw him several days before in Honda garage. Though I did not talk to him, he had already had a problem about the machine at that time. Anyway it is OK cause he completed the F1 race, which was held on 4th, and he was back alive from the severe race.  

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