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MAY 26Germany Homburg / Youth Hostel Homburg (21.3DM)

Go through "Black forest"
Leaving Andreas’ house at noon, I ran and ran all day. Route47 between Michel-Stadt, Worms and Kaiseers-Lautern are a wonderful driving course, I think. So-called "Black Forest" and well-cared fields appear by turns. Pure red flowers are in bloom on both sides of the road.

Though I cruised looking for a camping ground, I could not and I got sunset. Instead, I found a youth hostel. The hostel is a nice 3-storeyed mansion and has about 30 rooms. The caretaker’s house was behind the mansion. Strangely enough, there were no other guests besides me. I can keep it all to myself. I was leaving the room door open and walking on the floor nakedly. However, I felt a little bit eerie as only I am in such a large mansion. And a storm is rising outside. The room number is 13. something dreadful might be happen late at night….

Luxembourg Luxembourg / Hotel Italia (2,650LF)
Cruise with moving clouds

I changed engine oil in the morning at a fuel station. After that, I checked screws and tighten some. And I found a screw on the upper side of the engine loose. I took it off and the screw thread of the engine side was completely worn. It is bad. But I thought it was not so serious because it had been no problem until then. I squeezed it in the hole by force and left the fuel station. Running for 1km, I checked the part again. Engine oil is coming out! I tried other spare screws but they all didn't fit. Of course that is because the receiving side was broken.

 I was going to gain long distance on Auburns but I couldn't help changing my plan. I decided to run on normal roads looking for some moto shops. And I found it soon. It raised a YAMAHA board. They undertook it willingly and repaired it very easily and perfectly. This is the German artisan! But I noticed that I had little German Mark. I was going to the bank but they got only 10 Marks, that was all I had, and said 'it is enough, thank you!' As I bought an oil filter, which costed 12 Marks alone, they gave me a big discount. They sent me off with 'have a good trip!'.  What a wonderful people!

I got to Luxembourg on 6 O'clock. As I felt tired a little, I checked in a hotel instead of a dormitory or a camping site, though it was expensive.

MAY28 Belgium Brussels / Youth Hostel Jacques Brel (520BF)


Luxembourg, which is a member of Benelux, is a small country among Germany, France and Belgium. However, unlike Andorra and Liechtenstein, Luxembourg is a very much industrialized country. GNP per person is not very different from Japan. To keep the productivity, they depend on foreign workers considerably. We can see various people from every country there.

As well, a lot of hotels use foreign citys’ name as their own names. Hotel Italia, where I am staying, Hotel Ankara, Hotel Paris, and so on. And we can enjoy many kind of restraints of every country.

About language, it is also interesting. Normally they speak Luxembourgian. However, French can be seen on many board of shops everywhere, and German or Luxembourgian on TV. And English is also spoken well. I wonder if it is complicated or not. This kind of feeling might be hard for Japanese to understand. 

In a square of the central, lots of stalls lined. It was just in the middle of a festival or something. I like this kind of atmosphere very much. I ate some Luxembourgian style fried potato (with garlic, onion, and something), a Thai fried noodle, a steak hamburger, some glassed of beer, and waffle with white cream and strawberry. My stomach got bloated like a flog.


MAY29 Belgium Brussels / Youth Hostel Jacques Brel (520BF)

Old residential area in Brussels

This youth hostel has "Backpackers' Bar" on the basement. Lots of guests use it. I also drank beer yesterday and today. A small counter, some tables, and dancing space.

I have been staying here for two days. the reception told me to move to another room. The members at Yesterday's room was lively and we talked to each other. But the members at today's room is very quiet. When I went back to the room from city sightseeing around 4:00 o'clock, about 6 backpackers were sleeping yet/already. This is just like in a hospital. Though I tried to update my web page, I felt asleep tempted by their peaceful breathing.  

MAY 30 England Canterbury / Campsite Yew Tree Park (6.5P)

It has been really cold for a few days. what was even worse, it was rainy all day today. It was quite a tough day for me, who hates coldness very much. I was almost stopping cruising and dropping at a hotel on the way. But I put up with it because I wanted to cross Dover within today. And I did it.

It was about 6:00 in the evening to get to Calais.. Buying a ticket at the office, and got on the ferry after a while. The price was very expensive (825Fr). Almost the same to Maizuru- Otaru 3day ferry trip in Japan. Is it because of the international ferry? I have no idea. It could be cheaper if I got a ticket in advance or buy a return ticket but I didn’t know well.

Arriving at Dover, I and my bike jumped off the ferry vigorously. And a small change made me glad. Cars and motorbikes is running on the left! Of course I knew it but I felt my my physical circuit had changed into what I am used to in Japan. It is quite fun only by itself.

As the sun was going down, I jumped into a camping ground near Canterbury

MAY31England London / Youth Hostel Earl's Court(21.3P)

A big tree at a park, Canterbury 

I walked around Canterbury this morning. The highlight is the Cathedral, which is most outstanding in England (written on a city leaflet). However, it didn't impressed me very much as I had visited a lot of cathedral until now. It is just one of them for me. I am very sorry that if I had a deeper knowledge to architectures and history, I could enjoy those visits much more. I can't help deplored my stupidness.

After having lunch and packing, I headed for London. Too huge city. I went following some road sigh 'Central London'. And I got to the "City", which is the central for finance and business. Not the central for me at the moment. A big herd of business people with neckties is going back home. I saw them and it made me look back on my past office worker's life with nostalgia.

Anyway I asked one of the herd how to get to the other central for me, which is on the west side of River Tames.    

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