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MAY 16 Liechtenstein  Triesen / Camping (19Chf)

Take the bike on the train
The campsite I stayed last night was the best I have ever experienced. It is surrounded by high mountains and has very good and cold natural mineral water. The caretaker is full of hospitality. Although I was about staying one more night, I left there in the end because the itinerary was delayed.

To go to the north, I need to cross a pass, but it is impossible for snow. So I used the train. It passes under the pass. It takes about 20 minutes and costs 19Chf. It is also fun for me. The train had 5 motorbikes. I saw a Swiss couple who were during their honeymoon with 2 motorbikes. Very cool.                                                                                                                                                                   

After getting off the train, I began to run. And I had to stop to see the beautiful scenery every time again. It takes more time to go ahead. After all I ran for only 150km today. I entered Liechtenstein in the evening. I didnft know when I cross the border at all. Even I was thinking the campsite I checked in was still in Switzerland because the currency is also Swiss franc. Tomorrow I will go sightseeing in the small country.

MAY 17 Liechtenstein  Triesen / Camping (19Chf)

The border between Switzerland and Liech

Liechtenstein is a very small country between Switzerland and Austria. I thought it was a little bit similar to Andorra as both have a lot of mountains and no original currencies. Liechtenstein is rather smaller. The language is German and the capital is Vaduz, which population is only five thousands. The total population is about 30,000. Now it is deeply related to Switzland rather than to Austria. It entrusts even military and diplomatic affairs, which are some of most important duties for a nation, I think, to Switzerland (but the national anthem is "God save the Queen", I don't know why).

There is almost nothing at the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland, but between Liech and Austria, there is a immigration office and when I was crossing the border, an officer asked me to show my international Passport, national passport, registration certificate.

As it is a small country, we cannot find a lot of places to see. I ran around the country by motorbike and strolled on some mountain trails. I passed by a old castle, where Royal Family lives even now. It was stuck to the steep mountain slope all alone. I saw the family on a postcard. All of them in the picture is very casual with Jeans. Even when people see them at a supermarket, they might say hello to each other casulally.    

MAY 18 Liechtenstein  Triesen / Camping (19Chf)

It rained Almost all day today. I canft move at all. I was idling away in the morning. Before noon, a English couple next to my tent invited me to tea. I visited their cool camping car and stayed there almost three hours in the end. Although I had not had a eordinaryf conversation in English for a long time, I was able to enjoy the tea time cause they talked to me as I could understand easily. They gave me some advice about some places I canft miss in Europe.

Like them, A lot of campers come with big camping cars to campingsites in Europe. About the period of stay, they stay longer than Japanese campers. They never get up at 6 ofclock and cook rice. They look very relaxed here and spending days just like at home on holiday. A Luxury camping car with shower, toilette, TV and bed, makes the cosy life possible. Compared with them, Japanese way to spend camping time is completely different. Many Japanese think that they have to hustle at campsites. Europian relax and fell at homec. 

MAY 19 Switzerland Zurich / City Backpacker (Hotel Biber) 29Sfr

A view of Zurich

After the whole-day rainfall, I started at last. The sun didnft come out and I feel cold. When I reached Zurich running about 100km, I stopped going ahead and checked in a backpackersf hostel. This is the second time to stay at a dormitory room. The room is for 6 persons and quite beautiful. It also has Internet facility and some people are using it.

I enjoyed strolling the city. a beach volleyball competition was held just in the station yard. It is kind of strange as Switzerland doesnft have the sea.

I lost some things again while I didnft know. Those are 2 towels, a pair of socks, and a water bottle again. As for the water bottle, it fell down from my backpack during cruising. I had been running with the backpack open. I made a stupid mistake again!  

MAY 20 Switzerland Grindelwald / Youth Hostel Grindelwald (26Sfr)
At the lake near Interlaken

Today I went to Lucerne, Interlaken, and Grindelwald, visited some highlights of central Switzerland. But I didnft earn much distance. In this area, we can see a lot of advertisements written in Japanese at souvenir shops. They are very touristic.

I lost the way when I was looking for a camping site. When I stopped to look at the map, I found a youth hostel just in front of me. Maybe it is the destiny. I checked in it.

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