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MAY 11 France Lyon / Yaoko's house

Yaoko and Kirika
I've taken day off.
Shopping, updating the WEB, Sleeping.
At night, We had a Japanese-French pot dish party with her school  friends.

We bought some fish and shells which we had never seen in Japan. Super markets don't have Asian materials such as Chinese cabbage or bean sprouts. So we went to a Chinese food shop to buy some vegetables.
The pot was very delicious. The French fish and shells (I don't know their names) fit the pot with Japanese taste. the fish might be a kind of Codfish. The shell tastes like a turban Shell.

MAY 12 France Lyon / Yaoko's house

Stay here one more day. This is comfortable
@Do laundry, considering the touring schedule, dinner.
It is always fine when I don't ride on the bike....@

Tonight I cooked dinner. The menu is Chinese-ramen-like soup spaghetti. I devised it at camp.
1 Fry leek, garlic and  ground meet lightly with butter in the pot.

2 Add water, chicken bouillon, a little bit soy sauce into the pot and boil for some time.
3 Spaghetti should be boiled at another boiled, but when it is lazy, you can do it in the same pot.
4 Salt or Pepper if you like...

This is very good. Please try to cook!

Thanks and see you !
MAY 13 France Lyon / Yaoko's house

One more staying
Idling days is sometimes cozy. But when we stay too long, it is possible that we get not to move. I had better to leave here tomorrow. They will go to Cannes for the big cinema festival for a week.

Tonight they cooked a boiled vegetable dish. It seems to be a specialty of Province. Also good.

MAY 14 Switzerland Collonges / Camping (12Chf)

Near the campsite

Leaving Yaoko's house, I headed for Switzerland. It is about 150km from Lyon to Geneva. I used motorway for the first half. Regarding motorway, it is much cheaper than Japanese one. Today I paid 20Fr for 70km. Less than half in Japan. Normally I would like ordinary roads, but when I leave a big city for another place, I sometimes use motorway. Because It is sometimes difficult to find the way to the next destination in a big city. Entrance of motorway can be found easily.

I reached the border to Swiss. I had a stamp and sign on the carnet at the immigration office of France side, and entered Switzerland. Geneva is about 10km from the border. Seeing the famous big fountain at Lake Geneva, running along the south shore of the lake to the east. And I was in France territory again while I didn't know. Around here the border line is complicated but we don't need to be conscious of it. I also passed Evian, which is known for a brand of mineral water. When around the east edge of the lake, I entered Swiss territory again.

Looking at the map, I am cruising to the south along the Rhone. Steep mountains of Alps are just before me. Unexpectedly, it was very warm. The electric thermometer by the road showed 31 degrees. I found a campsite and stay there. 

MAY 15 Switzerland Reckingen / Camping (12Chf)

At the cafe on the way to Chamonix

Go to Chamonix, which is about 50km south from the campsite. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of Europe, can be seen well here. On the way there, everything was terribly beautiful. I can hardly express. I couldn't help stopping every time to take pictures. Switzerland is beautiful! Most people say so and it was true. Green leaves of conifers and grass, pure white of eternal snow, and clear blue sky make a fantastic contrast. While I was fascinated with the view, I was into France territory again. Mont blanc is in France, I got it.

Besides the scenery, villages and towns are also beautiful. And no garbage is on the streets. It makes Switzerland more wonderful. Houses in each village are united with the same colour and shape. Each community shows a strong character by itself and merges into nature naturally. I was impressed with the sense of public responsibility of the Swiss.

When I was cruising on the Route 9 from Martigny to Brig, I found the language of road advertisements changing into German from French. I feel much stronger that I come to a different area than when I cross the international border, which was decided politically.

Actually, I wanted to go over Grimsel Pass and enter Liechtenstein, but it was closed for snowing. Closed! I had seen some road indications about it but I had taken it for ski gelande or car parking information. Now I have two chooses. One is to take a detour all the way, the other is to take the moto on the train. Any way it is late today. Everything tomorrow! I put the tent at the campsite at the foot of the Pass.  

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