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MAY 6@Spain (Basque contry) Donostia  / Pension Anorga@(5,000Pts)

Folk dance paformance
Walk in the town. Donostia is kind of a beautiful resort city. A lot of people enjoy sunburns at the beach. And Prices are little bit high. Houses' Verandas are adorned with colourful potted flowers, which makes the town more cheerful. At lunchtime, all sorts of seafood such as fish, shrimps, and shells are displayed in the restaurants.

In the evening, I visited some villages near Donostia. Hills are beautifully cultivated, where some farmers with berets are working. Some are riding horses. Boys are waving hands affably. Very peaceful scene. It might be better to stay in a village like this.

I saw a lot of scribbling of ETA everywhere in the city and the villages. Some Spanish place name are erased by spray, too. This kind of radicalness and peaceful air of the village make a strange contrast. At night a fold dance show was performed at a temporary stage of the central park. It was interesting and spectators were excited with it.      

MAY 7 France Bordeaux / Hotel Touring (240Fr)

At a village road
I left Donostia for the border to France. I wanted to see some basque native sports (I forgot the name but it is like squash without any rackets) and visit more villages, but I didnft have enough time. Maybe next time (when !?).

The border was rather a busy place. A lot of souvenir shops, restaurants, and gasoline stations gathers there. It was much different from what I had imagined. I tried to spend all Spanish pesetas and bought some food. But I found a 1000pts bill left in my wallet laterc

On the way I got a hard rain and hailstorm. Hailstones hit me unsparingly. I run screaming, "itai, itai !!". After the tough cruising, I arrived at Bordeaux, a famous accumulation place of wine.   

MAY 8 France Bordeaux / Hotel Touring (240Fr)

She also uses the computer easily.
Walking inside Bordeaux. Nothing special. the landlady is very good. Cheerful, wise, friendly and kind. She also speak fluent English. She doesn't look like selfish like many Frecnh. My impression to the French would get better.

MAY 9 France Clertmont Ferrand / Contact Hotel  (150 Fr)

Go straight east on route 89. crossing the middle plateaus, I am running from the west end (Bordeaux) to the (almost) east end (Lyon) for 2 days. the distance is only 600km and the plan is not very hard. We go through grape farms in the suburbs of Bordeaux Around the first part of the route, and then run into the forests and pasturing area. Though it should be very beautiful, it rains today. I couldnft enjoy the fine view. When we have the rain during riding, we get more tired because visibility is so bad, the body get wet and cold, and we must be concerned about slips.

MAY 10
France Lyon / Yaoko's house

Rain again. Around 2 hours after starting, suddenly the sky got dark, and began raining. It continued almost all day. Though I had expected some rainfall in Europe, this is too much, isn't it? I am fed up enough. Does it rain in the whole Europe or am I moving with a rain cloud? The view along the road should be wonderful on a sunny dayc.
I will be staying in Lyon to prepare the touring after this. As a friend of mine has moved to a apartment from a school dormitory, I can live off her. A sneak thief had broken into her room in the dormitory two times and she couldn't put up with it any longer. She said she had locked at both times (it was a auto-locked system!) and a caretaker was always at the entrance of the dormitory. That is why she guesses, and I agree with her, the criminal is someone insider who can use room keys whenever he/she likes. She complained against school but ended in vain. The same crimes had occurred before. And the victims are always Asian woman, who was broken into more than one times in a short term. The criminal aimed them because they didn't know the country well and were hard to raise uproars. In the end they couldnft help giving it up. I got very angry to hear the sly and underhand crime. I think the dormitory management should take responsibility when the victims have no faults. But no one seems to take responsibility. Stupid story. Maybe the school itself has somewhat problem inside about management

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