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MAY 1@Portugal@Guarda  / Pensao ?? (3,500Pts including breakfast)

today's dinner.
@I headed for Fatima, where the Virgin Mary is said to appear at a church. I had imagined the place as a small and countrified village. However, It was rather a busy tourist town (of course it must have been be a small, countrified village when the Virgin Mary showed upc ). I could not see anything because I was on the way and had a lot of loads. I was not too bold to go into church leaving them in such a busy street.

 Rain again and it was getting awfully cold. My throat had been strange a few days and todayfs weather for I have got a cold perfectly. When I found a residencia and checked in, I was feeling dizzy. Being too tired to eat out, I asked some baguette, beer oranges to the landlady. And washed down them with instant Knoar soup.

I woke up many times for feeling hot in the middle of night. I used the water bottle as an ice pillow. It was somewhat effective. After midnight, I began to sweat, and it made me a little bit better.

MAY 2 Spain Madrid / Hotel Emperatriz

a road sign at 70km point to Spain

When I woke up in the morning, I felt much better. The flu has gone? I don't know. Though It would be much better to have a rest today, I don't like to get behind schedule any more, besides, this place is to cold to for me to stay. Fortunately, a patch of blue sky is visible between the clouds. Now let's go. Next to my PC, I myself has got a real virus, stupid storyc.

I came back Madrid again crossing the border. I met a friend at a hotel. As she was coming here during Golden Week (a Japanese longest consecutive holiday week), I had asked her to bring a new digital camera (instead of the broken one), an anti-virus software, some food, and other requisites. Now my belongings are getting completed again.

Spain Madrid / Hotel Emperatriz
motorbikes of Spanish Plicia

The flu has not gone yet. I felt hot and languid all day. As it was too boring to stay in bed in the hotel, I went out to Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. The special thing here is gGuernicah by Picasso. there are other Pcassofs works and some strange paintings and art objects, as well. As I went into such a strange space with my hollow head, I felt like tripping another world and it was kind of nice. But tired.

MAY 4 Spain Madrid / Hotel Emperatriz

My flu is getting better but not normal yet. Fortunately, I am staying in a best hotel since I started the touring, and I can take a rest enough.
In the afternoon, go to Prado museum. There are 16 to 19 centuryfs Spanish painters including Velazquez and Goya.

MAY 5 Spain Donostia / Pension Anorga@(3,000Pts)

Donostia. Flowers are adorned at verandas

About 450km north from Madrid, I got to Donostia, a famous resort city in Basque region. In basque region, place names on roads are written in both Basque and Spanish. Basque country stretches over Spain and France at the west of the Pyrenees. No other contriesf languages are similar to Basque. Kind of mystery. In Franco era, people were prohibited to speak their own language. But now they have self-government and ETA has stopped the terrorism. Now the city looks stable and has a lot of tourists.     

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