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APR1@France Lyon/Hotel u (165Fr)

"Niemi "the baby's name. It sounds like Japanese.
Today and tomorrow I won't ride.
I took part in a excursion of my friendfs French school for Bourgogne. We studied how wine is produced and tried tasting. I had a happy time to go with many kind of students from every countries to study French. Even a mama-student with her baby came. The guide spoke of course French. Though I canft understand it, the friend sometimes translated for me.

I forget my water bottle at the wine factory!  

APR2@France Lyon/Hotel Residence (330Fr)

The old area designeated as the World heritage
Walked in the city. See Mainly the old area, which is designated as the World Heritage. My friend Yaoko guided me. It was fine today and we enjoyed 5-hour walk.

It's been 5 days since I access the net last. I stayed at some hotels without telephone and even if they had it, it couldn't be used because of too old type. in France, internet cafes are also quite hard to find except Paris. If you want to get telephone line to connect with your mobile computer, you might choose hotels that have more than 2-star.

At night we went to a restaurant and I had stewed meat dish, which is Lyon's specialty.

APR3 France Lyon/Hotel du Dauphine (165Fr)

A night charch in Lyon
At first I was leaving Lyon, but decided to stay here one more night. Because  I felt tired when I was packing. Actually I was tired. And I had stayed up late last night to update this web site.
It is nearly 2 weeks since I left Japan. I have been very busy, and ride on the bike in Europe, where I have visited for the first time. It is no wonder I got fatigued.

So I had a carefree time at the hotel and the friend's dormitory. No sightseeing today. For dinner, as I have spent a little bit much so far, I got along with a baguette and some cheken legs, which I went to but at the supermarket nearby.
And now I am writing this drinking beer. Looking out of the window, drunk old man was walking hollowing like a wolf.

APR4@France Avignon/Hotel Central (190fr)

This is not the famaous Avignon briage
After the daily check-up and packing, let's go south. Today I have reached Avignon. In the morning I had raining and what's worse was I trampled on a dog's fresh shit. What a shit! (xx;). I want to share my feeling with you.
But I was getting better as the weathr got fine in the afrernoon..

The hotel I am staying today is quite comfortable. It is given 2 stars and 190fr for 1 night with toilette, bath tub, and TV set. Telephone is also in the room and it is available to do internet.

This kind of rooms sometimes have bidet. This can be used for washing. The pot just fits travel loundry. You should do it on the trip!! 

APR5@France Avignon/Hotel Central (190fr)
At Palais des Papes. Fine blue sky!
Sightseeing in Avignon all day. It was so fine, I got enough sunshine of Provance. Warm is best!  I visited Palais des Papes, the famous Avignon Bridge and other highlights.

In the Palais, we have audio guide receiver and with it we can understand more about the history of the Palais. But a bit funny thing is all visitors were listening the guide with the receivers pressed their ears at the same time.

The city is surrounded by the castle wall and most sightseeing points is in the wall. They are not very far each other and 3 or 4 hours is enough to see them. In the afternoon I relaxed in/around the hotel.

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