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MAR26 France Paris
I saw a lot of religious paintings in the Louvre.@

I went to the Louvre. It is too big and I got dead tired for 4 hour walking. Though I am not very well acquainted with art, I got moved when I saw Monna Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Aphrodite by Miro. There are also lots of excavated article of Egypt, which Napoleon took back. There are more than 300,000 works there, we need more than 2 days to conquar the whole Louvre.

At night Yves cooked rabbit dishes for dinner. It was kind of light and nice. I envied French people as they can get many kind of meat at supermarkets.

MAR27@ France Paris

 I managed to success in getting a Green card after the straggle for days. In the morning I went to A.C.I.F (maybe automatic club international France or something. I am not surec) just close to the Arch of Triumph. And they introduced me a institution that sell a third party insurance for foreigners. As I had ended in failure everytime last week, I was about dancing for joy.

In the Afternoon, I went to the institution named Bureau Central Francais (I will write about detail in another chapter) and had it easily.

 After the insurance, I enjoyed late lunch at the Monmartre. Paintings on the wall of metro were very impressive. Sacre Coeur cathedral was also solemn and beautiful.

Stained glass of Notre-Dame de Paris
MAR28 France Paris
I have got the green card and now I can go sightseeing with presence of mind.
But I want to ride very soon so this is the last day of Paris. I visited Ste.chapelle, Notre-Dame de Paris, La Tour Eiffel, and some museums at a quick pace. Pais has too many places to see and it is definitely impossible to get all in such a short term.I was surprised that most structures are tremendously big. All of them are made of stone and I wonde where they are carried from on earth.
At night I had French dinner again. I wanted to treat Yves because he takes care of me about everything during my days in Paris. We went to a French restaurant nearby and had delicious dishes to our heartsf content.  

MAR29 France Fotainbleau/Etap Hotel(180Fr)
Succeed in getting the bike,
but some troubles came out soon.
I have just started overseas motorbike touring today, which is my heartfs desire. And I studied a lot of things today. I feel exhausted.When I headed for the Nittsu Express (shipping company) office to get my motorike by bus, I forgot to get off my destination and the bus arrived at the terminal. I called Nittsu and had them come to the point.

I began checking the motorbike and packing after I finished some formalities and payments. Everything is all right. But when I tried pushing the cell motor button, I found the battery had kept connected all the way during on the ship from Japan. The engine canft be started! There was nothing but to get some workers to help me. They pushed my motorbike and I managed start somehow.

I got some other ecperience today.

- Forget my diary at the public phone box
- go into motorway without knowing.
-ignore some traffic signals because I couldnft help following a reckless rider, who I asked the way and he piloted me to the main road.

MAR30 France Nevers/? Hotel (160Fr)

In front of the castle at Fontainbleau

Fontainbleau is about 60km south to Paris. After check-out, I visited the castle of Fontainbleau. Though I wanted to enter the castle, I gave up because I couldnft leave my load at the motorbike. I have a pair of through-over soft bag on the side and 2 backpacks on the back. It would be stolen easily if I let down my guard.

Today it was very cold and I had to wear the rain suits to get warm.  I do wish warmer days come soon.

GPS (Gloval Positioning System) is excellent for me because I have kind of no sense of direction. Besides me, definitely it is very useful when we drive areas that we have not experienced. At least, WITH gps, we can reduce our anxieties that if it we are going correct directions.

I am staying at a hotel in Nevers, which is about 200km northwest to Lyon.

MAR31 France Lyon/ Hotel Vichy(160Fr)

Yaoko and Natsuko

Today I headed for Lyon and got there around 4 ofclock in the afternoon.

Then I saw a friend of mine who are studying French here. We used to work at the same company together. She and her friends in the school cooked a Japanese pot-dish (called enabef ) and I got treated.

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