MAR 21 France Paris

You know, it's not my accommodation ...
I got to Paris at last.
I was having a hectic time just before starting. When the airport taxi came home, I was already dead tired.
As I used Korean Air, the plane stopped at Seoul. When it took off again, I had slept like a log.

Waking up some hours later, my gaze met a woman, who looked just like the famous F1 racer Alan Prost. And I realized I was leaving for France.

The KE airplane arrived around 19:30. I felt very complicated about CDG, and I managed to get on the bus to the central of Paris around 1.5 hours later. My friend Yves came to the bus stop to meet me. I am staying at his house for the next some days.
Anyway I have really taken to Paris.

MAR 22 France Paris

A sight-seeing tour bus. Looks fun!
Last night we ate late dinner at his house. He cooked some dishes, which was really delicious Asian food. 2 kind of boiled chiken, mushroom soup, vegetable salad, steamed rice, and some kind of cheese. Today I ate at 2 restaurants outside, but his dinner was much better than them.

It is a surprising that food in Paris is expensive than in Japan. A Macdonald set menu costs more than 60 Fr!! And some Chinese food at a take-out shop, which is not so good, is also higher than Japanese one.

About connecting to the Net, I was able to do easily than I thought. Now I am sending this file though my friendfs house. I feel ease about it. But maybe there will be some difficulties when I start the motorbike touring and stay hotels and Youth hostels.

In the afternoon, I took a walk around the Arch of Triumph and along Champs-Elysees, even to the Louvre.

MAR23 France Paris

At the French reataurant (watch a woman behind us!)

Tonight I tried to real French restaurant for the first time. Yves and his neighbour took me there. It was surprisingly delicious and I got fully satisfied. The main dish is grilled duck and my cheek was almost fell down the table for the beautiful taste. But it lied kind of heavy on my stomach and the feeling lasted until the next morning.

Why do I get so hungry when on the trip? My mustle and brain must be spend more calorie than I thought.

 MAR 24 France Paris

The big demonstration of all France
teachers's Bastile. It's rather a festival.

@I searched for gGreen Cardh everywhere in Paris, but in vain. Did I go to places beside the point? Today I went to Automobile Club de France, Some insurance offices, some bike shops, and I called some offices out of Paris. And moreover, I called to some bikers to stop and asked about it. Even  

Even I went to a driving school and sought any information. But nobody knew about it. Anyway I have to make effort next week again or I will have to ride without insurance.

At night I went to see Yvesfs gKendoh practice. Kendo is so-called traditional Japanese fencing and he comes to learn it 3 times a week after work. There were about 30 swordspersons in the gdojoh (training room). The teacher was a Japanese and there were the other Japanese woman who looked very skillful. Yves said the Kendo population in France is only about 2,000, much different from gjudoh.

After the practice, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for late dinner.  

MAR 25 France Paris

At the dance party

This morning I went to a France Telecom office with Yves to buy a mobile phone. In conclusion, I gave up buying it because it is too expensive. I had got interested of GSM mobile phone as it covers most countries that I will be passing on this touring. As long as we use it in France, it would cost reasonable. But once we use it outside France, it costs too much (basic charge = 205fr. for talking +72fr. for the net, plus at least 5fr, par minute!).  It would be much smarter way to use internet cafes for checking e-mail and sending files.
At night we went to a dance party in Paris

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