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Mobile PC and peripherals Digital camera for receiver Mobile phone Utilities
PC details

Mobile PC Details
item Oty Brand Notes
Main body 1 Sharp Mebius PJ2-X4
Battery 1 Sharp Bar type. Long duration can be expected with using the built-in lithium battery along together
FDD drive 1 Sharp
CD-ROM drive 1 Sharp Sharp CE-CD01
AC cord 1 Sharp Up to 240V
PC interface card 1 Sharp
Modem 1 TDK DF5660. It meets more than 90 nations.
Modem checker 1 Road warrior Modem Saver LT
CDs for recovery
Spare CD-R
Spare FD
CD-ROM case 1
FDD case 1
adaptor for telephone plugs 1 TDK Effective in Germany, U.K., Italy, France
Phone cable 2
Other cables for PC

Digital camera
Digital camera 1 Olympus C-900 ZOOM. 1.5 million pixel, 3-times optical zoom
Memory card 3 Smartmedia 32M
PC card For downloading photo data
Cable for downloading 1 Olympus
Spare camera 1 Ricoh My port
Lithium battery 1 For the spare camera
Film 2 For the spare camera

for receiver 1 Garmin GPS3+. Online shopping at "for shop Massan"
Cable for down/uploading data 1 Garmin
Cable 1 Light stuff For direct power supply from motorbike's battery. Online shopping at Light stuff
Soft case 1
Manual 1 Garmin

Mobile phone
Phone 1 France Telecom Make a contract in France
Modem card 1 Buy in France(Or USB cable)
Battery charger Buy in France

Adaptor for electric plugs 1 Road warrior Sascom. Meets BF, B3, B, C, SE, Otype
Extension cord 1 Get in France
Voltage transformer 1 25W
rechargeable Nickel battery 12
Battery charger 1