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Main spec. Software Provider

Main spec. of Sharp Mebius PJ2-X4

Size B5 type
Weight 1.4kg
CPU Pentium2, 333MHz
Memory 128MB

Its compact size, capacity of HDD, built-in battery, and overseas guarantee attracted me compared with others; besides, the liquid crystal screen is very clear and quite wide (11.3, XGA) for this size. 12GB HDD is also very enough to install some space-eating software like MS Encarta or Globe without using any compressing  application software. One thing I am sorry is when I take all peripherals such as FDD and CDD, the total weight gets quite heavy.

Application software installed (except accessories of Win98)

Software Use
Windows98 OS
Netscape Communicator Internet, E-mail
Olympus Camedia master Download digital pictures and preservation
Adobe photodelux Edit pictures
IBM Homepage builder 2001 Web produce
MS Word Document produce
MS Excel Data management
Lhasa Defrost compressed files
WS FTP Send/receive files
Bookshelf As dictionaries
Encarta encyclopedia Reference
Encarta globe Make riding routes, indicate moving tracks
Garmap Upload/download GPS data and management
Garmin World CD Install map into the GPS receiver


AT&T globalnet
50 hours for 2,500 yen/m. More than 1500 AP and regional roaming fee is 100 yen/hr. I can't find any better providers than this to update the web site at every spot in the world.
Web 66
A reasonable rental server in U.S. 50MB web space and unlimited w-mail account for $10.95 with web-mail service. I am going to update my site here through AT&T or internet cafe.
A Japanese famous provider. This will be used as the second provider. No fixed fee, full proportional rate.
A roaming service company. It's quite expensive and I don't use this actually.

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