Preparations Other Equipment

Packing items Camping gear Daily clothes Toiletries Guidebooks/Maps Documents and Valuables

Packing items
items OTY notes
Backpack 2 Solo Touring60L (with day pack), Lowe alpine65L
Thoughover pannier 1 Moto Fizz 28L (maximum 52L), soft
Waist bag 1 RS Taichi
Bag Cover 1
Compression stuff sac 3 For tent, sleeping bag, clothes
Toiletry case 2 mont-bell
Aluminum case for ob 1
Map case 2 waterproof
Other covers
Stretch cord 10 (long2, middle1, short2) x 2set

Camping gear
item OTY notes
Tent 1 Ogawa Tent Levare
Sleeping bag 1 mont-bell
Ground sheet 1 Plastic sheet for 300 yen
Inner mat 1
Stove 1 Coleman Sportsstar2, for gasoline
Spare generator 1 For stove
Cooking pot 2 Snowpeak, square-shaped
Mug 1 Folding handle
Water bottle 1 SIGG, 750ml
chopsticks 1
Folding cooking knife 1 Morita, folk, knife, spoon, cork drawer, tin opener....,
Small tub set 7 NALGENE, for seasonings or medicine
whiskey bottle 1
camping liter 1 Chakka-man
electric torch 1 Headset

Daily clothes
item OTY notes
Pullover jacket 1
Long sleeve shirt 2 mesh, dress
T-shirt 3 Northface, quick dry etc.
Pants 2 Jeans and Chino
Short pants 1 Serves as swimming pants
Underwear 3 Northface, quick dry etc.
Belt P
Athletic wear P Wilson, top and bottom
Socks 3
Sandals P
Baseball cap 1
Bandanna 2 Serve as handkerchief
Glasses 2 one as a spare
Sunglasses P
Mask 1 For scuba-diving
snorkel 1 For scuba-diving

item OTY notes
Knife 1 Pentagon Elite
Sawing kit 1
First aid 1 antiseptic, plasters,eye drops,
stomach medicine, bandage net
Electric shaver 1
Ear cleaner 1
Nail cutter 1
Handy mirror 1
Shampoo, Soap 1 each
Teeth brush, paste 1 each
Towel 2
Linen towel 1 for body washing
Roll paper 1
Detergent some
Rope 1
Liter 2
Plastic bags some

Guidebooks, Map
item OTY notes
Chikyu no Arukikata (West Europe) 1 Most popular guidebook for Japanese tourists.
Chikyu no Arukikata (East Europe) 1
Chikyu no Arukikata (The Baltics) 1
Lonely Planet (Europe on a shoestring) 1 It's really thick...
Euro Atlas (map) 1 By GeoCenter. A4 size and just fit the map case. The case is set at the handle bar
Microsoft Encarta Globe within the mobile PC and Garmin World CD within theGPS receiver are also available.
Books for other area will be got on the spot or sent from Japan.

Documents, valuables
items OTY notes
Watch 1 Casio protrec
Wallet 1
Coin case 1
Passport 1
Visa 1
ATM card 1 citibank
Credit card 2
CASH,T/C some
International license plate 1
Motorbike registration certificate 1
International driving certificate 1
Travel insurance 1
Shipping certificate 1
Carnet 1
Air ticket 1
Photos Some For certificates
JAF membership card 1
Hostel membership cards 2 YHA / Backpackers
PADI certificate 1
Datebook 1
Notebook 1
Pen, pencil 3