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Spare parts
items OTY notes
Brake lever 1 Yamaha
Clutch lever 1 Yamaha
F/R brake pad 1each
Spark plug 2 with plug cases
Oil filter 1 Yamaha
Air filter 1 Yamaha
Fuel filter 1
Fuse 2
Helmet sealed 1 Where to pack?
Battery nuts 2 Not to lose
F/R inner tube 1each hard type
Connecting link for chain 2
O-ring, Gasket 2each For engine oil

Tools and chemicals
item OTY brand notes
Tire lever 2 240mm
Spanner 5 KTC 8mmx10mm, 10mmx12mm, 11mmx13mm,
Open spanner 3 KTC 8mmx9mm, 10mmx12mm, 14mmx17mm
Head-slide handle 1 KTC 200mmx9.5mm
Extension bar 1 KTC 150mmx9.5mm
Socket 6 KTC 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm
Hexagon wrench 3 KTC 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Screwdriver 5 KTC +(large, medium, small), -(middle), short +(middle)
Wrench for spark plug 1 Yamaha
Pliers 1 KTC KTC
Pump 1 POWER
Tire pressure gauge 1 POWER digital
Tire valve cap 2
Puncture repair kit 1
Chain cutter 1 NANKAI 3-way
Tape 2 Fabric and plastic
Plastic tying band 2 Small and middle, disposable
Chain grease 1 WAKOS
Grease 1
CRC 1 KURE 5-56
Sealed cleaner 1
Rain repeller 1
Bottle for engine oil 1 750cc Fuel Bottle
Bolt and nut Some M5.M6,M8
Cutter 1
Adhesive 1 For metal
Sand paper Some
Rag 2
Working glove 1
Tool bag 1 NIKE shoe case

item OTY brand
Helmet 1 Shoei HornetV
Riding suit 1 Rough and road Gore-Tex for ED
Underwear 1 Top and bottom for athletes
Mesh gloves 1 Thor
Thermal gloves 1 GM sports Gore-Tex
Trecking shoes 1 Caravan Grandking Gore-Tex
Rainwear 1 Yamaha
Protector 1 Axo
Knee and shin guard 1 Fox
Elbow guard 1 Fox

item OTY notes
ét-shape bike lock 1
Wired lock 1 15mm x 1800mm
Bike cover 1 Yamaha
Spare key 1each