Feb 10-19, 2000
FEB10 Leave the bike to the carrier
FEB11 Visit my sister's place
FEB12 Counter doesn't get active!
FEB13 Get active!
FEB14 Keep on editing the webpage.
FEB15 Use a new computer
FEB16 Horrible barber
FEB17 Think positive !
FEB18 The site up but mail problem
FEB19 Enjoy alumni party

Feb 20 - 29, 2000
FEB20 Tips for big access
FEB21 That's going too far!
FEB22 In Shinkan-sen
FEB23 Down wth a cold
FEB24 Register at search sites
FEB25 Keeping is a hard thing
FEB26 Get advice about the compute
FEB27 At Uncle's home
FEB28 Let's teach!
FEB29 Auatomatic registration

Mar. 1-10, 2000
MAR 1 Extra charge for shipping
MAR 2 It's not venture
MAR 3 Buy new glasses
MAR 4 Drink and sStay at "shataku"
MAR 5 Good bye my dear car
MAR 6 PC school @ home
MAR 7 Compare travel insurance
MAR 8 Poor rental BBS
MAR 9 Each sense of values
MAR10 Brisk waruida

Mar. 11-20, 2000
MAR11 Saitani-ya again
MAR12 Computer practice
MAR13 Bad luck repeat