family17KB> The friends stayed at my place yesterday and talked for some more time today.
> MY grandmother came here in the evening and we (parents, granma, me) went to the restaurant 'Saitani-ya', which I had used yesterday, again. I really love it.
> Coming back after dinner, I watched"Forest gamp" on TV, and wept bitterly. Recently I am easily moved to tears when wathing TV or cinemas. Isnft it funny?

> Go to a computer shop with my friend. I gave some advice for him to buy a mobile computer. This is the first time for him to use computer.
> After buying a Fujitsu FM-note, taught him how to use it until midnight.
> My sister and his husband came here and had dinner together

I decided I would give my car to a friend. I went to some local government offices and got papers necessary for transferring the owner. This procedure is very Japanese and so many meaningless papers are required. It needed almost half a day.
Transferred the data of Toji-an Guest House, which is a guest house in Kyoto city. I administrate the web page. It also took much time as I failed in sending files to the FTP server.
Suddenly the address book of my goutlook expressh was broken. Bad luck would occur one after another.