I left my motorbike to the transportation company in Kobe. I went there with riding itself. The transporter is Nittsu corporation and they can undertake all the work about shipping including packing and the paperwork on the spot. It will leave Japan soon by sea and I am getting it back at Paris around Feb 24. A helmet, bike clothing, spare parts and  camping gear has been sent together. I can't turn back any more.

On the way to Nittsu, I tried using my GPS receiver and setting the route for the first time. The function is really useful and wonderful. When the bike reached the first waypoint preset, the receiver indicated the next waypoint automatically!! Since I have little sense of directions, this device will help me greatly

Yesterday after carrying the bike I visited and stayed at my sister's house in Nishinomiya. It is very fun to play with her 2-year-old daughter Rena. She likes talking and dancing very much. The other 2-month babygirl named Reo is also fine. Both are growing rapidly and it's a big pleasure for me to see them again when I come back from the bike tour one year after

I struggled with my web page to activate the access counter almost the whole day. Maybe it wouldn't be so difficult to put it, but as I don't know cgi-program at all, it didn't appear on my page  after all. Therefore I sent S.O.S mail to the support section. They will give me something helpful.
The support section gave me mail back. As expected, it was a easy mistake that I had wrote a wrong directly in the HTML text. It was really a waste of time for such a careless thing, According to the direction, overwriting the correct directly, it began to work. I hope this Website will be publicized in a week.

 I've been keeping on piling up the webpages these days. Today mainly looked for other  sites for my Kyoto page to be linked. So many sites related to Kyoto exist but not so many written in English. I would like my Kyoto page to be a useful one for overseas tourists visiting Japan.

The web page files were transferred from the desktop PC to the new mobile PC, which I got for the coming trip. The mobile PC by Sharp is quite compact (B5 size) and have a big 12GB hardisc. It will be too enough to take in the thousands of digital camera datum during the trip. Touching feeling is also good.


I went to have my hair cut. The barber I always use is famous (notorious?) for cheap, quick, and rough. Everytime I have a shave, I found some blood spots around my chin. More thrilling thing I got today is the scissors pecked at the inner part of my nostril when he was cutting my nose hair. My nostril got almost sea of blood (^^;)... Anyway you are worth dropping in if you enjoy hair-raising thrill !

Some fellow workers who I used to work with in Fukuoka hold a dinner party for me. They are all hard workers still now, while I gave up staying an office worker and monotonous life. We talked about our business  situation and future. No one is  completely satisfied with their present situation and all voiced their own complaints. But I think we can develop as we have unsatisfied situation. Let's think positive to our difficulties !

The alteration of this site has mostly been completed. This alteration is for the purpose of realtime travelogue. It was really time-consuming. I wouldn't be able to finish the work if I  worked somewhere. Of course, the long tour itself would be impossible with a continuous job. A webpage editor is a very helpful application software for me, who doesn't understand any computer languages.

Another problem came up on my computer. The dialer of AT&T Global Net (a worldwide access provider) doesn't accept my personal mail server which I rent from Web66 (U.S. rental server) . They don't fit each other and using them together sometimes causes system freeze. I gave up this idea and made do with forwarding from web66 mail server.

An alumni party for the class of high school was held for the first time since the graduation. Around half the class members gathered at a Japanese restaurant. Although 18 years has passed, I was able to recognize most classmates. Scheduled 6 hours passed in a flash with enjoyable conversation. Our homeroom teacher also attended. I felt something strange that we were taught from him who at that time used to be younger than us  at the present time. And teacher and students are drinking together now. Well ... that's just "Time flies like an arrow". From midnight some other class fellows came up and the endless night end up with endless...

Just as I publicized the URL, the access has increased rapidly. Of course they are coming here on trial now and if they found it rubbish, they would go away and never come back again. Since a personal page was started, I want to get as many access as possible. Now what is the point to get big access.
I think the following 3 things are important

1 attractive contents
2 frequent updating
3 Links to widely accessed sites

They are all most proper things but "to say is easy, to do is hard", I think.

Groznyy in Chechnya gets terrible situation now. Almost the whole city has been reduced to rubble. Russia has decided the relocation of the capital as Groznyy  is impossible to recover the function of the capital any more. I cannot understand why they dare to destroy the city and people that belongs to their own federation.
Of course I know there are some difficulties concerning their historical conflicts  and concession to natural resources. But .....I can't help ask what a federation is for, what a nation is for.

Now I am writing this diary in Shinkan-sen, you know, which is the fastest bullet train famous for its speed and no serious accident since its opening in Japan. I am writing using a mobile mobile computer with a smart suit, just like a top businessperson. A little bit great satisfaction for a vagabond at present, hehehe ...
By the way,  why are Japanese business men such unfriendly to a person without business? Do they think they are running out of their life as every time they smile. Even when they bumped into me on a narrow aisle, they  stay without any change of expression. It would be even weird for me Japanese. though they, no we, all have unique sense  of humor deeply under the sour faces. (*^o^*). The more you make us laughing, the more you would understand us !

I am down with a cold at a  friend's place. I had stayed in the stuffy room with cigarettes these days to make  this Webpage and had been poor health. Maybe Buddha gave me moderate

I am still feverish and stayed at the friend's house by being careful. At home, I registered this site at some major Japanese search sites. Registrations need several days to a month to complete depending on sites to be completed, More access might be expected after that ! I have to register this at English sites next.

I am getting better a little. Having 'tofu ' dinner with my girlfriend, I will get completely well in tomorrow.
By the way, to keep diary every day is really hard. I am almost giving up with such short compositions. And I am very worried if I could keep on writing on the road.

Went to another friend's house, who works a computer-related company. I got some advice about using computer. I want to reduce the computer trouble as possible. Though the computer is guaranteed with using overseas, it would be very difficult to repair if it went broken on the road. I would rather like it to be good condition during the trip.

Visit Uncle's home. I enjoyed talking to him and having dinner. His wife is very good cooker and today's main was beef  stew, which I ate too much and I didn't get hungry almost the whole day after eating. This goes against my idea that I lose  weight by the departure. Actually I need to lighten my load on the motorbike of course including myself. But from now until departure there will be more send-off parties by friends of mine and I have to eat more! It is a really hard choice....

I decide that I will teach computer and the internet to my father so that he know where and how I am during the trip. I guess it is kind of hard work as he doesnft know about computer at all so far, but letfs do it step by step!

I downloaded 'SubmitWolf JP' on the net. It is automatic URL-registration software to hundreds of search engines all over the world. Itfs quite expensive (US$165) but I thought it is worth getting as it can registered my site to many searching sites in minutes instead of manually registrations spending weeks. But it is unknown if it would be registered at appropriate category of each search site. I have to check it days later.