TT250R RAID Modification Main spec.


Newly registered on May16, 1999
Total mileage as of Jan 31, 2000, approx. 16000km

Full-packing condition (photo left)
Total weight is over 40kg and feel rather heavy

-Blue backpack 65L
-Green backpack 60L
-Black panier 14L x 2
-Plus a small weist bag


Items equipped+ (removed-)
item brand notes
Hand guard + Acerbis For protecting levers
Kicking Starter + Yamaha
Engine guard + Pro Skill
Rear disc cover + Covers under half of the disc
Headlight guard + Originally for Mitsubishi Pajero
Fuel filter + For poor-quality gasoline
Sidestand switch - To avoid careless troubles
GPS mounting holder Made by Mr.Sawada and Kansai-inoue Bikeshop

Items changed
F/R rear tire Dunlop
F/R inner tube Dunlop Hard tube
Drive chain To joint type
Drive / driven sprocket made of iron
F/R brake pad
Silencer +- Pro Skill To lighten the weight
Spark plug Yamaha
Battery Yamaha Disconnected when shipping
Air cleaner Yamaha
O-ring / Gasket Yamaha

Main spec.

Commercial name TT250R RAID
Code 4WA1
Engine number embossed 4GY
Name / Number YAMAHA 4WA
Certificated number U-213
First release 1996 March
Size Length 2145mm
Width 850mm
Height 1290mm
Height of seat 875mm
Shaft length 1425mm
Minimum height to the ground 265mm
Weight Dry weight 121kg
Total weight 141kg
Performance Fuel mileage 47km/L/60km/h
Minimum round radius 2200mm
Distance to stop 14m/50km/h
Engine Engine type 4 cycle, air cooling, DOHC
Cylinder leaned one-cylinder
Displacement 249cc
Internal diameter x 73.0 x 59.6mm
Compression ratio 10.2 : 1
Compression pressure
/ Limit
1200kPa (12kg/cm2)/ 300r/min
/ 960kPa (9.6kg/cm2)/ 300r/min
Max. power 22.1kW (30PS)/ 8500r/min
Maximum torque 28Nm (2.8kg*m)/ 7000r/min
Starter Cell (kick starter added )
Air cleaner Wet urethane
Clutch Wet many
Lubricating Wet sump
Engine oil Regular change 1L
Change with oil filter 1.1L
Overhaul 1.35L
Designated oil YAMAHA 4cycle Efero G,X,Z
Transmission 1st slowdown ratio 74/24 (3.083)
2nd slowdown ratio 57/18 (3.166)
Transmission Change type all-time engaging, returned 6 step
Slowdown ratio 1st 37/15 (2.466)
2nd 29/16 (1.812)
3rd 30/22 (1.363)
4th 27/25 (1.080)
5th 24/27 (0.888)
6th 22/29 (0.758)
Body Frame type Semi-double cradle
Caster 27.2
Trail 109mm
Fuel Tank capacity 16L
Reserve 3L
Tire Size F 3.00-21 51P
R 4.60-18 63P
1 person F 125kPa (1.25kg/cm2)
R 150kPa (1.50kg/cm2)
2 persons
on high-speed
F 150kPa (1.50kg/cm2)
R 175kPa (1.75kg/cm2)
Brake F/R brake type Oil-pressured single disk
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (link type)
Absorber Front shock absorber Coil spring / Oil dumper
Rear shock absorber Coil spring / gas, Oil dumper
Wheel travel Front 260mm
Rear 260mm
Electrical Ignition type C.D.I.
Spark plug Type(brand) CR9E/U27ESR-N (NGK/Nippon Denso)
Plug gap 0.7-0.8mm
Headlight type Halogen
Headlight 12V60W/55W
Tail / Stop light 12V5W/21W
Flasher light 12V10WX4
License light 12V3.4WX2
Pilot light Neutral 12V3.4WX1
Flasher 12V3.4WX1
High beam 12V2WX1

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